The Best Mother's Day Marketing Ideas to Drive Customer Engagement

Get creative this Mother's Day with contests, quizzes, and giveaways to engage customers and boost springtime sales.

By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read
Campaign & Contest Ideas

Right about now, your customers are starting to look for creative ways to spoil their moms. I'm here to help you help them!Americans love their moms. In fact, we love them so much we routinely spend more than $21 billion dollars on Mother's Day gifts, like jewelry, spa treatments and flowers. But even if you don't sell traditional mom gifts, your business can still get plenty of attention during the next few weeks.Here are some ideas for contests, quizzes and giveaways that will drive customer engagement and drive up springtime sales.I've organized them by "goal" to help you decide what kind of campaign would be most useful for your overall marketing strategy.

Show off your products with a "Pick Your Prize" giveaway

We're betting there are lots of people searching for the perfect gift for all the special moms in their lives. The ideal gift is something she'll use, but has a sentimental spin, too. Let people who participate in your "Pick a prize for your mom" contest choose from a selection of products or services you offer.

Mother's Day Pick Your Prize campaign

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Boost engagement with a "What Kind of Mom Are You?" Quiz

Have you tried running a "personality" quiz yet? They're fun and share-worthy, and can bring in tons of leads. I mean, come on, whodoesn't want to know which 70s TV mom their mom is, and then share the results with mom and with friends?With a quiz, you can collect an email address before sharing the outcome of the quiz. Quizzes can also be a great way for brands to learn more about their customers' preferences.

Personality Quiz by Jarlsberg

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Collect UGC with a "Happy Memory Story" contest

Mother's Day is a sentimental "holiday," and you can make that fact work to your advantage. Ask people to share a favorite story about their mom with you. In exchange, they'll be entered for a chance to win your prize which, naturally, they will share with their mom. You can give the contest a boost by awarding extra chances to win to people who share the contest with their friends who also enter, and you could add a voting element. Think about the kinds of questions that relate to your business and choose a relevant prize.A few examples of engagement-inspiring questions:The question: What's the best meal your mom cooks? The prize:A gift card for a meal-kit delivery service; dinner at a local restaurant; a package of cooking tools from a gourmet cooking store; house-cleaning servicesThe question: Where is your favorite place to vacation with your mom/family and why?The prize: Apiece of luggage; a gift card for a hotel or airline; a pair of walking shoes The question: What is the most important life lesson you learned from your mom?The prize: A one-month pass for yoga, pilates or spinning; a cooking class; an art classThe question: What are three words that best describe your mom? The prize: Spa treatment; beauty services; makeover; shopping spree

Mom's the Balm Contest by Benefit

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Build an email list with a simple giveaway

If one of your goals is to attract new customers, boost brand awareness and build a list of interested leads, try a simple giveaway. All people have to do for a chance to win your prize is fill out a form. After you've chosen a winner, use ShortStack's marketing automation features to send everyone who entered an announcement about the winner...and consider sharing a special discount to everyone who entered.

Simple giveaway

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Collect UGC with an Instagram photo contest

User-generated content continues to be enormously popular, especially on Instagram. In honor of Mother's Day, you could ask your followers to share a photo of them with their moms. If it makes sense for your business, you could even ask participants to take a photo at your location, or using your product(s).

Built with ShortStack's Giveaway template

Boost engagement with a "win your wishlist" giveaway

With a win your wishlist giveaway, you can learn about your customers' product preferences, collect leads to use for future promotions, and have a promotional campaign that's really easy to share.

Win Your Wishlist giveaway

Built with ShortStack's Win Your Wishlist template

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By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read

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