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Campaign Examples: 2 Super, Duper Last-minute Halloween Ideas

Halloween Ideas

Did Halloween sneak up on you? It’s true: Halloween is just a week away. And you know what that means: It’s the time of year when Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and Christmas marketing really kicks into high gear.

Sorry — I don’t mean to scare you —  so that’s why I’m sharing two really easy to execute Halloween ideas from ShortStack users.  Ready?

Imperial Sugar Company’s “Scary Scramble” Giveaway

Fans of Imperial Sugar Company look forward to their Scary Scramble every year. The contest combines a giveaway with a fun word scramble challenge. Entrants must solve the word scramble, find the recipe that matches the answer on Imperial Sugar’s website, and paste the recipe URL into the answer field when submitting their entry.

Imperial Sugar Company’s “Scary Scramble” Giveaway

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IDEA: Use automated emails to send the entrant the recipe they found, a coupon for your product or some creative Halloween ideas after form submission.

Speedway’s Pumpkin Decorating Photo Contest

Bring out your followers’ creative sides by hosting a pumpkin decorating contest! Speedway’s contest allows people to paint, carve or otherwise decorate their pumpkins. Entries are displayed via the Voting Widget for the public to see, but voting is disabled. Instead of voting, a panel of judges will choose the winner–a technique many ShortStack users implement for contest with larger prizes.

Speedway’s Pumpkin Decorating Photo Contest

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Halloween is big business, especially in the U.S., and these simple ideas should make it easy for you pull together a Halloween giveaway to capture some of your customers’ attention next week.

Want even more inspiration: Check out these other last-minute giveaway ideas, this post about how to take advantage of Halloween trends or this one with 9 contest ideas for B2Bs.

Halloween Ideas
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