Campaign Examples: Giveaways with a Back-to-School Theme

Get ready for back-to-school season with these exciting campaigns! From giveaways to charitable drives, there's something for everyone.

By Jane Vance ・1 min read
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Summer break is coming to an end. College students are getting ready to head to campus and kids are packing their backpacks. And you know what that means: They’re all shopping for supplies for the new year! Be at the top of the class and launch your back-to-school campaigns now.

Barnes & Noble College Booksellers’ “College Room Makeover” Giveaway

Partnering with another company your target market loves is a great way to grab the attention of folks who might not already know about you. Barnes & Noble College Booksellers made a great choice choosing Target as a partner for their College Room Makeover giveaway. Why? It’s simple: College kids love Target. What I love about this giveaway is the 15 percent off discount for people who create a college registry--now everyone wins!

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Zebra Pen’s “Find Zen During Back to School” Sweepstakes

It’s not just college students who are getting ready to head back to school. K-12 students are picking out backpacks and gathering their school supplies, too. Zebra Pen created a weekly sweepstakes giving away a back-to-school bundle, including a bunch of Zebra pens and pencils. They give entrants extra chances to win when they fill out additional fields on the form.

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Fox 8’s School Supply Drive Campaign

Even if your business isn’t directly related to the back-to-school hype, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun. Fox 8 created a campaign to facilitate a school supply drive to collect school supplies for kids in need. Charitable campaigns can help to get the word out about a worthy cause, while raising awareness of your business at the same time.

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By Jane Vance ・1 min read

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