Campaign Examples: 3 Creative Contest Ideas

Discover three creative ideas to spice up your campaigns, including a photo contest, free download, and group prize giveaway.

By Jane Vance ・1 min read
Campaign & Contest Ideas

Do you feel like you design the same campaign over and over again? Well, today’s the day to try something new -- and we've got three creative ideas to inspire you. Why not try a photo contest instead of a sweepstakes? Or offer a free download instead of a giving away a prize. Or combine a download with a chance to win? If you still want to run a contest, think about giving away a prize for a group instead of an individual, like one of the examples highlighted below.

PetValu’s “Casting Call Calendar” Contest

As trending social media posts demonstrate nearly every day....we love animals. Cats and dogs especially! PetValu’s annual Casting Call Calendar contest is a great way for folks to show off their furry friends. The contest is held in two rounds—an entry round and a voting round. What’s more, there are different voting categories within the same campaign, one for dogs, another for cats and a third for other types of pets. To make your own, use our Photo Contest template:

Q Squared’s “Summer Entertaining Guide” Download/Newsletter Sign-Up Campaign

Offering a content download in exchange for users’ email addresses is an effective technique to grow your email marketing list. Q Squared’s “sign up to download” campaign is a perfect example. In exchange for an email address, users are given access to Q Squared’s Summer Entertaining Guide—a seasonal must-have. Need more ideas on what users can download? How about recipes, a preview chapter of a book, a white paper, a song? The list goes on and on. To make your own, use our Download Content template:

Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts “Glazed At Work” Giveaway

Sharing is caring! Give your fans a chance to win something they can share with their family, friends, coworkers, etc. This is exactly what Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts did with their “Glazed At Work” giveaway. This contest is smart because it rewards a current customer and gets their product in front of potential new customers.Set up a campaign in minutes with our Giveaway template:

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By Jane Vance ・1 min read

Jane has over a decade of martech experience, with an emphasis in content marketing, UX, and customer success. Her combined skillset and years of hands-on experience make her a valuable player in the industry. In her free time, Jane loves quiet family dinners at home and a good book.

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