Weekly Campaign Idea: Feature a Fan on Your Website

Feature a Fan on Your Website

Each week on Socially Stacked, we feature a social media marketing Campaign to inspire marketers and ShortStack users.

Do you combine the power of your website with your marketing campaigns?

If you’re looking for a way to excite your followers and humanize your home page, why not give your fans a chance to be featured on your business’s website?!

Why a “Be Featured on Our Website” promotion?

It never hurts to show real customers using your products. Plus, there’s a good chance that anyone who is featured on a website, is going to tell all their friends about it, helping spread the word about your awesome company. Featuring your fans/users on your website could increase sharing and conversation around your brand.

 Planning a “Be Featured on Our Website” promotion

1. Decide what kind of content you want: In the below example, PowerTap is asking people to submit a photo to be featured on their website, but you could ask for photos, videos, testimonials, forums or just general feedback.

2. Collect email addresses: No matter what type of information you collect from your participants, be sure to ask for an email address so you can reach out to the entrants after the promotion ends. If someone is entering for a chance to be featured on your website, chances are they’re a big fan of your brand and you’ll want to maintain communication with them.

3. Make your promotion ongoing: If your product/brand lends itself to the idea, try having your promotion be ongoing. For example, GoPro has a continuing daily campaign for Photo or Video of the Day. Each day they feature someone using a GoPro and then they run larger promotions every few months for a larger prize, like $5,000.

4. Add a voting element: Voting is an easy extra element to add to any promotion, but in this particular case it can increase your entries and shares. Ask fans to submit something to be featured on your website and then let your fans choose their favorite. It’s the ultimate crowdsourcing campaign!

5. Use all the data you collect: If you collect more entries than you’re able to feature on your website, consider using the entries for future marketing materials or on your social media pages. You could make a photo or video album or feature a fan photo each week/month etc.

Templates to help you build a “Be Featured on Our Website” promotion

Hashtag Contest Galleryn
Photo Contest

Feature a Fan on Your Website
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