9 February Contest Ideas to Build Momentum For The Year Ahead

Discover nine exciting events in February that can be turned into intriguing contests to engage and inspire your customers.

By Will Blunt ・6 min read
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It’s the shortest month of the year but that doesn’t mean there is a lack of opportunities for marketing your brand in February. In fact, for many brands, February is a month of resurgence after a minor lull in January as your customers find their feet in the new year.This year, perhaps more than ever, your marketing department needs to get creative with lead generation campaigns.Contests that ride the wave of popular events on the calendar are a great way to generate interest and inspire action from your customers.Here are nine events in February that could be intriguing contests.

#1. Groundhog Day

Made famous by Bill Murray’s 1993 blockbuster movie, Groundhog Day is a longstanding tradition in North America on the 2nd of February. Its origins can be traced back to the behaviors of the groundhog as it emerges from its burrow after a winter of hibernation. If it sees its shadow, then winter will continue, if it doesn’t, then spring will come early. In the movie, Bill Murray experiences the 2nd of February over and over again on repeat - a notion that has become a recognizable saying. If you’re “experiencing Groundhog Day” your days seem eerily similar or mundane. So, what’s this all got to do with contests? Well, you could use the concept of Groundhog Day to engage your audience. Help your customers break out of Groundhog Day this February and make 2024 a year to remember. A video contest may be the perfect creative outlet!

ShortStack's Video Contest Template

#2. World Cancer Day


World Cancer Day Website   Almost 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States. World Cancer Day, on the 4th of February, is an opportunity for us all to unite in the fight against this horrible disease by raising awareness, fundraising, and increasing public knowledge. Everyone is affected by cancer in some way - whether they know a friend, family member, or acquaintance who has been struck down by the disease. It’s a sad reality, yes, but one that almost all of your customers have dealt with in their lifetime. Fundraising and awareness contests are a great way to connect with your audience and build goodwill, and what better cause than cancer.

#3. World Nutella Day


Ways to Celebrate World Nutella Day   On a lighter note, the 5th of February is World Nutella Day! I for one can’t resist the delicious taste and smooth texture of Nutella, it’s a weakness. Maybe your customers are the same? This day originated in 2007 when blogger, Sara Rosso, started the trend. It brings together Nutella lovers from all over the world who share photos, songs, artwork, recipes, and stories on social media. Basically, it’s perfectly positioned as a submission-based campaign such as a photo or recipe contest.

ShortStack's Recipe Contest Template

#4. Safer Internet Day

The internet can be a bit like the wild west at times, with lots of unknowns and dangers lurking in the shadows. From cyberbullying to identity theft and business scams, people really need to be informed about the risks they are confronting when using the world wide web. Safer Internet Day, on the 9th of February, encourages the community to work together to educate and take actions for being safer online. It is a great opportunity to grow awareness for your brand with a security-themed contest that educates your audience about the lengths you go to, to protect their data. Campaigns such as quizzes and surveys are especially good at educating participants about a topic in a fun and interactive way.

ShortStack's Quiz Template

#5. Chinese New Year

The 12th of February is the first day of the Lunar (Chinese) calendar. The Chinese New Year festival starts on this day and continues for 15 days throughout February. 2024 is the year of the Dragon. Chinese people live all over the world and continue to celebrate and recognize the meaning of this event. They will clean their houses to drive away bad luck from the previous year, spend time with family and friends, rest from work duties, and more. If you think the Dragon is a significant icon for your audience, or you’re looking to connect with the Chinese component of your customer group, consider a Chinese New Year contest. As the event runs for 15 days you could run a multi-day giveaway with instant-win prizes, for example.

ShortStack's Giveaway Calendar Template

#6. Valentine’s Day

It wouldn’t be a February marketing calendar without at least minor recognition of Valentine’s Day on the 14th! The universal day of love, Valentine’s Day is a popular marketing event for a range of brands the world over. From restaurants to jewelers and beyond, any brand can find a reason to run a V-Day contest. For a unique interactive experience, consider a personality quiz. Festival Mall, for example, launched a “What Type of Romantic Are You?” quiz to engage with customers and collect contact information.

Valentine's Day Personality Quiz

#7. World Day of Social Justice

Even though we’ve come a long way there are still far too many social injustices in society. The World Day of Social Justice, on the 20th of February, is a day for everyone to come together as one and work towards a society of equal opportunity. We progress “Social Justice” when barriers of race, religion, culture, gender, age, and sexual orientation are removed. If your brand supports equal opportunities for everyone, get behind social justice day with a contest that grows awareness for inequality and works towards this common goal.

#8. Love Your Pet Day

Also on the 20th of February is National Love Your Pet Day in the United States. Seriously, who doesn’t love their pet?!? Not that pet lovers needed another day to show off their admiration for their furry friends, but this day makes it official. A photo contest or Instagram hashtag contest are great options for Love Your Pet Day because people simply LOVE sharing photos of their pets. Create a unique campaign hashtag, include point-based incentives for sharing the contest, and your pet-themed contest could go viral before you know it. And you don’t even need to sell pet products and services to make this work - just about all brands have pet lovers in their customer base. Get started with the ShortStack Hashtag Contest Template in minutes:

ShortStack's Hashtag Contest Template

#9. Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Fairy Tales transport our emotions back to childhood. For parents, we revisit the stories we heard while growing up and re-tell them to our children. There is a great deal of meaning and emotion associated with a fairy tale - the perfect ingredients for a marketing campaign.Tell a Fairy Tale Day takes place on the 26th of February and provides the perfect opportunity for brands to connect with their customers on a personal level, especially if you can tie this concept back to your brand’s purpose.Consider running a story contest with your audience where they submit their most memorable fairy tales from childhood or even write a new tale themselves. Reward the most memorable entry with a prize.

ShortStack's Story Contest Template


As February begins, the year is well and truly in full swing. Your customers are looking for ways to connect with your brand, get discounts, find new products, or share experiences. Contests that tap into emotion are always the most successful, and February is full of emotionally driven opportunities. From love-inspired events like Valentine’s Day to purpose-backed days like World Day of Social Justice - there is something for everyone. How will you make the most of February to connect with your customers?

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