Football-Themed Interactive Marketing Campaign Ideas

Learn how to engage sports fans and turn their love of football into leads and sales with these football-themed campaign ideas.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
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Sports fans are part of the target market for almost every product and service. In the US, nothing is bigger than football season. Not sure how to turn your customers’ love of football into engagement, leads and sales? I’ve scouted some ideas from our users who are scoring touchdowns with their football-themed campaigns. Take a two-minute timeout and read on to learn more.

FOX19 NOW Sports 19 Top Athletes 2018 Campaign

Want to increase brand awareness? Take a page from FOX19 NOW Sports’s playbook. Their campaign features 19 local football players to watch during the 2018 season. Instead of revealing all 19 players at once, a new player is revealed each day over a 19-day period. Athletes who hope to make the list, and their fans, can check the campaign each day to see if their name has been revealed. When an athlete makes the list, they can share the honor using the Share Widget with their profile. IDEA: Encourage folks to sign up for email notifications of each day’s athlete.Email marketing suggestion: Did you ask folks to submit their email information to receive updates to their inbox? Schedule an email to send subscribers each morning, informing them of the athlete who was revealed that day.

FOX19 NOW Sports 19 Top Athletes 2018 Campaign

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Oriental Trading’s Football Party Mini Foam Fingers Download

Tailgating and viewing parties are a “must-do” for every football fan. Oriental Trading created a cool campaign where folks can download mini foam finger printables to be used as decorations at their next football get-together. When someone asks the host where they picked up the decorations, the host can point them to the Oriental Trading website. Better yet, Oriental Trading asks for an email address in order to download the printables, which helps grow their mailing list.TIP: Providing folks with a PDF to download? Upload the PDF to ShortStack’s Media Manager as a “Downloadable PDF,” then copy the URL we provide. That way, when your user clicks the link, your PDF will automatically download to their computer.Email marketing suggestion: Use an autoresponder email to send your downloadable content. Sending the content via email helps to ensure that the emails folks are submitting are valid.

Oriental Trading’s Football Party Mini Foam Fingers Download

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Kayem Patriots First Touchdown Contest

Is your company based in a city with a strong NFL presence? Show your support for the team and the team’s fans will support your business. Kayem hosts a Patriots Touchdown contest where folks can win Patriots tickets. Before every regular season game, people are encouraged to guess which team will score the first touchdown -- the Patriots or their opponent. Folks who guess correctly are entered to win. This is an effective way for Kayem to collect leads and increase engagement throughout the football season.TIP: Use our time-based visibility settings to start/stop showing Widgets (like your Form Widget) at specific times on specific dates. This allows you to seamlessly change out the content on your campaign without logging into your ShortStack account.Email marketing suggestion: Make sure to use those leads you collect to promote your product. After form submission, send entrants a discount for their next purchase or some ideas on how they can use your product at their next football party.

Kayem Patriots First Touchdown Contest

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Southern Quality Ford’s “Ragin’ Giveaway”

Giveaway calendars are a great visual reminder to encourage folks to come back to your campaign to enter again on another day. Southern Quality Ford is giving away tickets to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette games this year. Fans can choose which games they want to enter to win tickets to. Each game’s giveaway is revealed a couple of weeks before the game takes place.Email marketing suggestion: Create a weekly email where folks receive updates throughout the football season. These emails can include the score of last week’s game, along with information on your products and services.

Southern Quality Ford’s “Ragin’ Giveaway”

Set up a campaign using our Calendar template. How are you integrating sports with your online marketing activities? Hit us up at with the sports-themed campaigns you are proud of! Who knows, we might feature your campaign in a future blog post.New to the interactive marketing game? We’ve created an in-depth, step-by-step guide to planning up a successful interactive marketing campaign. It covers everything from establishing your goals to creating a schedule, promoting your campaign to assessing its success.

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