How an Irish Band Uses a Facebook app to Reconnect with Fans

How an Irish Band Uses a Facebook app to Reconnect with Fans

After 21 years of being together, how does a band pump up their exposure and reconnect with fans? They invest in social media efforts.

The Pale, an Irish band based in Dublin, Ireland, recently teamed up with app developer Declan O’Brien to design a Facebook app using ShortStack to kick off a social media campaign they call “21 Song Salute.” Every Monday, The Pale adds an unreleased or rare recording to their Facebook app. They will do this over a 21-week period. Currently they are three weeks in.

To create their “21 Song Salute” app, O’Brien used a mashup of Soundcloud and the ShortStack DJ template.

O’Brien started working with The Pale to grow their online presence — focusing on the band’s Facebook page — and during the first week of the campaign The Pale’s Page earned 100 new Likes. The first two featured tracks have been played more than 400 times.

Currently The Pale is spending 1 euro per day (about $1.30 USD) on Facebook ads and they are simultaneously reaching out to local music blogs to gain new exposure. The expectation is that with the right seeding, the campaign will grow each week. The target is to have at least 2,000 Page Likes by the end of the campaign, with a minimal spend.

O’Brien is finding that many of The Pale’s former fans are starting to reconnect with the band through the “21 Song Salute” campaign and their Facebook app.

We think this is a really innovative way to use ShortStack and Soundcloud. Have you seen anyone else using this combination? Let us know @shortstacklab

To check out a few exclusive tracks from The Pale, visit their Facebook Page and find them on Spotify.  

How an Irish Band Uses a Facebook app to Reconnect with Fans
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