How Motherhood Maternity Leveraged an Instant Win Contest to Collect 52,000+ Leads

Motherhood Maternity ran a contest to engage with their target market of expectant moms and collected over 52,000 entries.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
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Smart marketers know how important it is to define their target market. These are the customers who will benefit the most from your product or service, and they are the people who you are trying to reach to make your sales. For Motherhood Maternity, the target market is pretty clear -- women who are expecting a baby.Motherhood Maternity knows their target market very well. They understand what expecting moms want and need for maternity and post-pregnancy clothing. They also realize how busy expectant mamas are and how uncertain the end of pregnancy can be. After all, nobody knows when baby will decide to make his or her appearance.Motherhood Maternity created an instant win contest where expectant mothers could sign up to win a hospital bag jam-packed with essentials for the big day. Learn more about Motherhood Maternity’s contest and how they collected valuable leads by giving away something everyone in their target market would love and need.

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Campaign Objectives

Motherhood Maternity is a maternity clothing online resource, as well as its sister brand, A Pea in the Pod. The well-known apparel retailer specializes in bringing high-quality and functional maternity and postpartum clothes to women at an affordable value. The goal of the “Ultimate Hospital Bag Sweepstakes” was to build community, grow their email marketing list and increase overall brand awareness.

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The Solution

For their Ultimate Hospital Bag Sweepstakes, Motherhood Maternity chose to run an instant win giveaway contest. With this contest, expectant mothers entered for the chance to win the grand prize, valued at $550, and at the same time, they were entered into an instant win drawing for a daily prize, which was the brand's Seamless Maternity and Nursing Bra.Entrants could enter once per day. By allowing entrants to enter once every day, repeat visits increased the entrant’s chances of winning the grand prize, plus they were also eligible to win a daily instant win prize each time they entered.Using ShortStack’s instant win feature allowed Motherhood Maternity to simply enter a number of instant winners and the date range for the contest. The instant win algorithm then awarded prizes over the 31-day period. All of the entrants were collected into a single list for Motherhood Maternity to select a single grand prize winner.

Instant Win settings in ShortStackWith their entry form, Motherhood Maternity collected name, email address, due date and physical address. Entrants were also given the opportunity to sign up for emails fromMotherhood Maternity and their partners. Given the target market, you can bet a lot of participants checked that box.Finally, to make sure the form closed at the right time and nobody could submit entries after the contest period ended, Motherhood Maternity used our time-based visibility settings. This way, nobody on their team had to stay up until midnight on a weekend to close the contest manually.

Contest Details

Motherhood Maternity’s Ultimate Hospital Bag Sweepstakes ran from April 29 to May 29, 2020. They promoted it on their website, as well as their Instagram and Facebook channels. The grand prize consisted of a hospital bag full of goodies every mom would love to have with her at the hospital for delivery:

  • Hospital socks 3-in-1 Labor, Delivery and Nursing Gown
  • Nursing 3 Piece Sleep Set
  • Sleep Short
  • Ready to Pop! Graphic Tee
  • Seamless Bra
  • Maternity Fold Over 3 Pack Panties
  • Leggings
  • Clip Down Nursing Cami

The grand prize was valued at $550. Now that’s one pampered mama! A random winner for the grand prize was selected on June 1, 2020. Allowing entrants to enter once per day increased top of mind brand awareness from repeat exposure to the brand.There was also a daily instant prize, which was Motherhood Maternity’s award-winning seamless bra -- a nursing bra perfect for both pregnancy and after pregnancy. Once someone entered, they were shown a message indicating if they won the daily prize or not. They also received an email with the same information, along with a reminder to enter again the next day.

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The Results

Over the 31-day entry period, the company collected 52,453 entries. Over that same time period, the contest had 185,007 total views, with 35% (64,405) of those being unique views. That means 65% of the people who visited the contest returned at least one time, leading to an increase in brand awareness. Furthermore, of the 52,338 emails that were sent after form submission, 43,091 were opened -- that’s a whopping 82% open rate! There were also 2,065 shares to social media by visitors over the course of the campaign.

65% of the people who visited the contest returned at least one time

Understanding your target audience brings big results

When running a sweepstakes, it’s important to not only know your audience but to engage with them across all your marketing channels to drive interest and participation. Not only will this approach help to increase entries, but it can also benefit your brand by increasing the number of qualified leads you collect.As Motherhood Maternity knows, giving away their products is one of the best ways to build their marketing list with moms-to-be who are likely to be shopping for time-sensitive maternity and postpartum clothing. As a leading maternity resource, Motherhood Maternity not only provides apparel solutions but fosters a social community of expecting and new moms to organically share which led to strong results with their sweepstakes.

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By Jane Vance ・3 min read

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