How to Engage in TikTok Trends as a Small Business Owner

Learn how to boost your small business on TikTok by participating in viral trends, using popular sounds, and showcasing your products.

By Rina Bottom ・5 min read
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TikTok has over 1 billion downloads, and it’s growing. Considering how many people spend their free time on TikTok, your business needs to be there too. The easiest way for a small business to jump into the TikTok waters is to participate in some of their viral trends. I have four ideas for trends you can try. Heck, they may even get your business on TikTokers’ For You Pages (FYP).

Use popular sounds

A great way to stay relevant on TikTok is by using trending sounds. When producing a TikTok video, you can add user-created sounds or popular songs to enhance it. I highly recommend using sounds wherever appropriate for your brand, since it’s an easy way to have your video pop up on lots of users’ FYPs. Here are a few fun examples of businesses using viral TikTok sounds: JessaKae Collections uses the “ding dong” sound to show their customers they have fashionable clothes, and by sharing their style their friends can no longer say they have nothing to wear.

@jessakaeWe got you boo ✨ ##plussize ##fashion ##dresses ##holidayfashion ##modest ##christmas♬ original sound - Nancyandersonfit

Funky Glassworks uses the ‘baddie’ sound to complement their rad stained glass artwork. This sound shows off the transformation from the individual materials to the finished artwork.

@funkyglassworks🐍🐍💙💙 ##stainedglass♬ Own brand freestyle transition - Beautee

Lastly, myCONQUERing uses a funny sound of “nothing wrong with me” while showing off a collection of rings along with a countdown. When users watch similar videos with this sound, they will see similar videos of people showing off their obsessions. myCONQUERing takes it to a new level by showing off their products.

@myconqueringCan anyone else relate? 🙋 ##fidgetaddiction ##nothingwrongwithme🔥 ##inspiringjewelry ##coolringss ##colorfulfidget♬ original sound - Alex Blake

Make transformation videos

Folks love before and afters and TikTok has become the place people go for their transformation video fix. A quick before and after with a catchy song goes over really well with users on this platform. Whether it is a transformation video of a client or a business showing how they’ve changed after using your products, these glow-ups are always popular and trending on TikTok.Check out these awesome business glow-up examples by DBL Jewelry and Nectar Hard Seltzer. Both businesses show they started with a small company and have grown to be very successful. Nectar Hard Seltzer even starts their video showing how they went from a failed product to people queuing up to buy their drinks.

@livportiothank you🥺 #smallbusinesscheck #smallbusiness #entrepreneur #story #inspiration #inspirational #dreams #happy #business #boss #jewelry #support♬ Follow Kologuy - Albert
@nectarhardseltzerthank for having our backs since day 1 ✊ 1 million people will try Nectar in 1 year!!! #nectar #seltzer #smallbusiness♬ sonido original - DIABLO_FFツ

Exhibit your product

Sometimes the best TikTok videos let your products do the talking! This is a great way to increase brand awareness. Product videos can range from a quick 15-second peek to longer in-depth 3-minute videos that showcase every aspect of the product. The key is to make your video engaging (use a trending song as previously mentioned) and not some dry demo. Chaos Makeup shows a great example of a simple product ‘how to.’ In the description, Chaos Makeup mentions they applied their new Fairy Godmother shimmer over their mixing medium to get it to really pop! This simple trick helps their fans get the look they desire.

@chaosmakeup✨Here's another look at Fairy Godmother applied over our mixing medium. ✨Isn't she jaw dropping? 😍😱 💖Let us know in the comments what other color combos you would like to see us come out with next!💖♬ Similar Sensation (Instrumental) - BLVKSHP

Sometimes you don’t know how a product will behave based on a static picture from a website. Dream Candle D shows how their product is so much more than a normal candle when it melts.

@dreamcandledHow pretty do they look😭 #candlebusiness #candlemaking #candles #smallbusiness♬ La Vie En Rose - Emily Watts

Show your team packaging orders and performing other behind-the-scenes (BTS) tasks

If you have the time to film yourself packaging your products, take it, because people love these TikToks. These videos tend to be part customer conversation and part ASMR intended to bring out the human side of your business. Customers love seeing the attention to detail you take when packaging their specific order. Plus, BTS videos allow for customers to have a unique look at your business. Why? Because, even if you have a brick and mortar candle shop with a window into your process, many customers won’t get the chance to see you pouring the wax and testing out smell combinations. These videos are their chance to see how your products are made.Watch Thee Icy Label package their biggest order yet. This video shows off lots of the croc charms they have available, as well as the care they put into packaging the order. Who doesn’t love knowing their products are packaged with love for a safe arrival?

@theeicylabelPackaging my biggest order! They purchased 80 charms! 🥰 Thank you! #smallbusiness #crocs #packingorders #as #asmr♬ always remember you - Abbi Sutphen

This BTS of cleaning a cotton candy machine from Floof Cotton Candy gives great information and lets clients know their food is handled correctly and safely.

@floof.cottoncandyWill they let me on #cleantok ? #floofcottoncandy #cottoncandymachine #cottoncandy #floofyeah #sugar #clean #deepclean #smallbiz #floofcake #fyp #SpotifyWrapped #diy #howto♬ Abracadabra - Qveen Herby - Abracadabra

Overall, the best way to engage TikTok users is by showcasing your brand! Show it off with a little BTS action and a Fleetwood Mac song. Demonstrate how your eyeshadow shimmers in different types of lighting environments. But always remember to have fun with your TikTok videos!

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By Rina Bottom ・5 min read

Rina spends her days fearlessly helping users on the “frontlines” with the Support Team. She loves assisting users in creating seamless campaigns through support and best practices.

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