How to Get More Video Shares [Infographic]

Get More Video Shares

Do you have a YouTube channel for your business? Do you know how to create the content that is most likely to get video shares?

Or maybe you’ve been wanting to experiment with Facebook video?

At ShortStack, we use video primarily as an educational tool, with quick how-to tutorials for our users.

Inspirational videos and how-to educational videos get more shares than straight-up sales messages.

Did you know:

• 71% of people think videos influence brand perception?

• Videos get shared 1200% more than articles?

• 82% of people believe videos have an impact on marketing?

For other tips on how to get your videos shared more widely, take a look at the infographic from SlideGenius, Inc. who shared this with us. And if you never saw it, check out the most fun video we’ve ever made.

What Makes Video Ideal for Social Shares Infographic


Get More Video Shares
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