Campaign Examples: Ways to Use our Most Popular Templates

Discover three ShortStack Campaigns that utilize lesser-known templates to save you time and inspire your upcoming builds.

By Jane Vance ・3 min read
Campaign & Contest Ideas

Does your workload seem out of control all of a sudden? Maybe it’s just me, but March felt endless and I couldn’t seem to make a dent in my to-do list. But new month, new mindset.....andShortStack templates to the rescue! This week, we’re featuring three Campaigns built by ShortStack users who used some of our lesser-known templates. We think they’ll inspire you for upcoming builds, and even more important, save you time so you can move on to all those other pressing tasks.

Crafter`s Companion “Pick Your Prize” Contest

Not quite sure which prize to give away for a contest? Well, why settle on just one? In their Pick Your Prize contest, Crafters’ Companion gives entrants the chance to choose one of three prize packs they’d like to win, letting crafters with different interests try their luck at winning a prize they really want. Even better? Crafters’ Companion will get a better idea of their audience’s preferences, allowing Crafters’ Companion to more narrowly focus their giveaways in the future. Get Started with the Pick Your Prize Template:

McCutcheon's Apple Products’ Instagram Selfie Contest

Looking to try out an Instagram contest? Our Instagram Photo Contest template is a great way to get started. McCuthcheon’s Apple Products used this template to create a photo contest where users are required to post a selfie with a McCutcheon’s product on Instagram, and include the hashtag #McCutcheons in the caption, in order to enter. To help spread the word about the contest, ShortStack’s refer-a-friend feature is enabled on the Campaign, giving referrers an extra chance to win for each person who submits an entry via their referral URL.TIP - To require users to use a hashtag in their Instagram post, enter the hashtag in the “Require hashtag(s)?” box when setting up the Instagram section of the Photo field in your Form Designer. Only photos from the last four weeks will be pulled in when a hashtag is added.Use the Instagram Photo Contest Template

Penta Security Systems “Web Security eBook Quiz”

Do you remember taking quizzes about the previous night’s reading assignments in school? By administering quizzes, teachers could guarantee students had read the material. Penta Security Systems takes a similar approach with their ShortStack Campaign. First, users download their eBook. In order to enter the contest, entrants are asked questions to which the answers can be found within the eBook, which creates an incentive for reaching the eBook. Now that’s an A+ idea!IDEA - Add a field to your Form Widget so users can submit their answers to your quiz questions along with their entry, then use our Filter feature to choose a winner from entrants who answered the questions correctly.Learn About the Downloadable Content Template

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By Jane Vance ・3 min read

Jane has over a decade of martech experience, with an emphasis in content marketing, UX, and customer success. Her combined skillset and years of hands-on experience make her a valuable player in the industry. In her free time, Jane loves quiet family dinners at home and a good book.

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