Increase Your Instagram Engagement by More Than 150% [Webinar Recording]

Use Instagram Better!

Increase Your Instagram Engagement by More Than 150% [Webinar Recording]

On July 27, we hosted a webinar about increasing your engagement by more than 150%. We’ve included a recording of this webinar, which you can watch below. This webinar was co-hosted by Brent and Ashley (who hosts the official ShortStack podcast, #STACKTALK).

Here are some key Instagram stats we cover in the webinar:

  • In Social Fresh’s The Future of Social Media report, they found that Instagram has surpassed all platforms, save for Facebook, in businesses’ social media budgets.

Using ShortStack with Instagram

Because Instagram only provides the opportunity to add a clickable link to select places — underneath a bio, and in an advertisement — we recommend using your bio link to the fullest. You can do this using our Instagram Promotion template, which allows marketers to track one URL that serves as a continuously updated feed of content.

Learn more about how to set this up through our webinar:

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