13 Eye-Catching Instagram Feeds From Big Brands

Discover how top brands like Starbucks, Hilton Hotels, and Under Armour stand out on Instagram with their eye-catching and well-optimized feeds.

By Will Blunt ・8 min read
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The stats are compelling…For brands, Instagram is the place to be.Of the 1 billion+ users, 90% of them follow a business account and 60% say they find new products on Instagram feeds.But how are the best brands capitalizing on this thriving social network? What helps them stand out?Today, I’ll take a deep dive into the world of Instagram feeds by analyzing the most eye-catching and well-optimized brand pages on the platform.Let’s jump in.

#1. Starbucks


Starbucks Instagram FeedIt probably comes as no surprise that Starbucks makes it onto this list. After all, it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and Instagram is a strong reflection of that brand.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

There are lots of things to like about the Starbucks Instagram feed, but the one that stands out most from a visual perspective is the way they hero their products in just about every image or video.If you scroll down the Starbucks feed you’ll catch a glimpse of their most popular products with empty space in the background, drawing your eyes straight to the product and Starbucks logo. Making it even more memorable.Yes, there are sprinkles of staff photos, other promotions, and important causes, but the Starbucks logo, brand colors, and products are regularly prominent.Here is a snapshot of the Starbucks feed that shows how elegantly they hero the brand logo and products in their photos:


How Starbucks heroes its brand on Instagram

#2. Hilton Hotels


Hilton Hotels Instagram Feed   With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Hilton Hotels must be doing something right.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

There are several things that Hilton does with its Instagram feed that make it special. Yes, there are beautiful travel photographs, story highlights categorized by city, and some on-site videos that will grab your attention. But for me, the biggest stand out on this Instagram feed is the branded hashtag in their bio.#ShareMyHiltonPic is branded, easy to understand, and actionable for guests of their hotels and resorts all over the world. This hashtag has generated over 25,000 user-generated images that can be used as social proof and marketing for the Hilton brand.


Hilton Hotels branded hashtag

#3. Under Armour


Under Armour Instagram FeedUnder Armour is one of the most well-known fitness apparel brands in the world and its Instagram feed reflects this beautifully.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

Unlike a brand such as Starbucks, for example, Under Armour focuses its content less on the product and more on the lifestyle of its customers. That’s not to say that either way is better, but to show that there is no one-size-fits-all way of managing an Instagram feed.The Under Armour Instagram feed shows an in-depth understanding of their ideal customer with short workout routines, inspirational quotes, and fitness icons - all with subtle branding or product placement.


Under Armour Instagram content

#4. IKEA


IKEA Instagram Feed   There aren’t many people that don’t have something from IKEA in their house. Whether it’s a side table, desk, chair, or even just a fake plant, IKEA’s simple designs, and affordable pricing resonate with a broad audience.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

Much like the IKEA brand, its Instagram feed goes for simple yet elegant. With IKEA products, you can recreate a stunning and modern home decor look without breaking the bank.Its Instagram feed shows off at-home spaces packed full of IKEA furniture to illustrate just how good your home could look, too. Simple, but effective. Of course, the IKEA logo, pricing, and product placement are still evident.


IKEA's subtle product placement

#5. Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn Instagram FeedPottery Barn, much like IKEA, is all about home decor, but it’s more of a premium brand. The focus is less about value and affordability, and more about quality and sophistication.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

The thing that stands out for me with Pottery Barn’s Instagram feed is very much aligned with their premium branding. Rather than showing off prices, brand logos, and colors, its content focuses on bringing the Pottery Barn products to life in home situations.The product placement is much more subtle, and while each illustrates a different scenario, all of the photos share a similar color tone and bright glow. You instantly relate these photos with the brand, even if it is subconsciously.


Pottery Barn style on Instagram

#6. Frank Body


Frank Body Instagram FeedFrank Body is a fairly new brand compared to the IKEA’s and Pottery Barn’s of the world, however, its influence on Instagram is astonishing.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

This Instagram feed is similar in many ways to the Starbucks strategy. It uses consistent brand colors (pink) and prominent product and brand placement to create a memorable look and feel.One difference that makes this feed stand out is the use of user-generated content from customers to show transformations and highlight the benefits of their skincare range. They capture this content using the branded hashtag #thefrankeffect.


Frank Body customer transformation

#7. National Geographic


Nat Geo Instagram Feed   When it comes to beautiful photography of nature and culture, Nat Geo is a brand that comes to mind almost instantly. So it’s no surprise that their Instagram feed is an impactful collection of eye-catching content.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

This Instagram feed really sells itself. For avid travelers, nature lovers, or culture addicts, you can feel the emotion associated with every single image in this feed. It enables you to experience the world from your imagination. Content this good used to be worth a fortune before social media existed.


Nat Geo content

#8. Expedia


Expedia Instagram Feed   While we’re on the world-traveler theme, let’s look at Expedia. Expedia is the world’s leading travel platform with a portfolio of brands that helps people research, plan, and book vacations.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

Expedia shares beautiful travel photos mixed in with branded quotes and tips for travelers. However, while this content is excellent, that’s not the part that caught my attention.The Expedia story highlights section of its Instagram feed uses custom images that mirror the simplicity of its logo and inverse its logo’s colors. Not only can viewers quickly understand what each highlight is about, but this use of iconography and colors reinforces the Expedia brand perfectly.


Expedia branding in story highlights

#9. SunRype


SunRype Instagram Feed   Perhaps a lesser-known brand than the others on this list, but SunRype’s crystal clear imagery and consistent color palette in its Instagram feed were worth a mention.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

For the most part, this feed is extremely simple. But that’s what makes it so good.Take a product, use one of the bright SunRype pastel colors as a background, and show it off to the world. That appears to be this brand’s Instagram motto and it works a treat.


SunRype consistency on Instagram

#10. LEGO


LEGO Instagram Feed   Without a doubt, one of the most unique brands in the world, LEGO recreates that perception on Instagram.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

The thing that differentiates LEGO as a brand is the one-of-a-kind sculptures created using its blocks. These lifelike recreations tap into our emotions, create awe, and trigger happy memories. But most importantly, there is no other brand in the world that offers a similar experience. So it makes sense to showcase these masterpieces on its Instagram feed, and they do it with videos.

#11. Fossil


Fossil Instagram Feed   While Fossil offers a range of bags and other lifestyle products, they are best known for their watches, and that’s what they highlight on Instagram.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

Perhaps more than any other brand in this list, Fossil puts the spotlight on its products. If I had to take a wild guess I would say that over 90% of its posts have a Fossil watch.Is this too much product promotion? I don’t think so, because each product is shown alongside a lifestyle environment that resonates with their audience.


Fossil lifestyle photos

#12. Fitbit


Fitbit Instagram Feed   Fitbit sells more than just fitness trackers - they sell a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy lifestyles come in many different shapes and sizes which is illustrated in the diversity of their Instagram feed.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

As I hinted at above, the diverse range of healthy lifestyle inspiration is what makes this brand stand out on Instagram. It’s not just product photos or beautiful scenery. Yes, they have that content, too. But they also provide healthy recipes, daily checklists, workout tips, and a huge range of other content that helps their audience live a healthy and active lifestyle.


Fitbit's variety on Instagram

#13. Tesla

Tesla Instagram Feed

  Tesla is a clean energy company that focuses on electric vehicles, solar power, and battery storage. As you can imagine, clean energy is more than just a fad or product trend, it’s an altruistic cause that many people are deeply passionate about.

What stands out on this Instagram feed?

What I like about the Tesla Instagram feed is that the company’s products aren’t the centerpiece. Instead, a majority of the content is aimed at engaging those that are passionate about the clean energy cause - connecting with their ideal customers on an emotional level.

What makes an eye-catching Instagram feed?

So, after all of that Instagram inspiration from brands, what are the key elements of an eye-catching Instagram feed?Here’s what I learned from my analysis:

  • Use your whole account strategically. For example, many of these companies use the bio description to promote a branded hashtag and the highlights area to reinforce the brand colors and style.
  • Stick to a theme. Themed Instagram feeds create a consistent brand message and are visually memorable. Choose a common color palette, image style, and repeated composition of content.
  • Ensure your feed is brand congruent. Use similar messaging and visuals as you do on other marketing channels, and emphasize the core purpose of your brand.
  • Sell a lifestyle, not just a product. All of these brands understand their customers intricately and use their Instagram feed to depict a certain lifestyle so it is associated with their products.

All in all, your Instagram feed needs to be very deliberate in nature so that it contributes to the recognition of your brand and connects with your customers.

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By Will Blunt ・8 min read

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