Instagram Marketing Strategy for 2016 [Infographic]

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts

Do you already have an Instagram marketing strategy?

Do you plan to include Instagram (IG) as part of your marketing strategy in 2016?

IG is already massive and it’s continuing to grow.  In 2015, it was the fastest growing social network, and it shows no signs of slowing down, with 2016 growth estimated at 15% (and another 11% in 2017).

Some other noteworthy IG numbers:

• 400 million monthly active users

• 2.5 billion photos are liked on every day

• More than half of users are younger than 29; 62% are teens

• IG has 58X more unpaid interactions per post vs. Facebook

• 49% of users check the platform daily

• 73% of users check the platform at least once a week

If you’re already convinced that the photo-sharing platform should be a priority for you, skip right to our professionally designed Instagram Photo Contest template.

Hat tip to MDG Advertising for pulling this Infographic together which will convince you to implement an Instagram marketing strategy ASAP.

5 Reasons Instagram Matters Big Time

How to Add Paragraph Spacing to Your Instagram Posts
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