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A majority of ShortStack users use the platform to run some form of promotion. We want to make sure the promotions you’re running not only go smoothly, but are free of entry fraud. Our recent promotions upgrades do just that.

A while back we added the Facebook ID field to forms. This feature tracks each entrant’s unique Facebook user ID, making it nearly impossible to cheat and enter more than once. Recently, we added the ability to allow multiple entries for each Facebook user ID to both the Facebook ID field and the Email field. You can find these changes in the Forms & Promotions section of ShortStack, under Form Settings.

In addition, we made it easier for our users to pick a contest winner with the random entry picker. When a user is viewing their form’s entries they’ll see a button at the top that reads “Pick Random Entries.” This can be adjusted to select anywhere from one to 25 winners.

Since adding the random entry picker we’ve made some improvements, most recently, adding an optional “Filter Entries” section. This allows you to filter entries prior to making a random selection. For example, it could be used to run a “guess the number” promotion to select only those who guess the number correctly.

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