NEW WHITE PAPER: The ROI of Social Media [Free Download]

NEW WHITE PAPER: The ROI of Social Media [Free Download]

Although social media provides valuable and free tools to marketers, effective marketing is still driven by the money and effort marketers put into it.

Determining return on investment (ROI, or ROMI — return on marketing investment) is vital for understanding where money is going, and if it’s resulting in new leads. Return on investment is defined as “a measure of the profit earned from each investment.”

There isn’t a marketing executive out there who doesn’t wonder if her (or his) team’s social media efforts are paying off. Execs, understandably, want proof that there is meaningful and measurable ROI, and hard numbers can be, well, hard to come by.

Our new white paper analyzes the data needed to effectively calculate ROI, and also looks at some numbers and other data that are even more important. And making data-driven marketing decisions is smart!

Here are six important concepts related to ROI you’ll learn about in our new white paper:

  1. How to Determine ROI
  2. How to Track Conversions
  3. The Numerical Value of Your Efforts
  4. The Breakdown
  5. The Qualitative Value
  6. What it All Means — in Context

You’ll learn more about all of these issues and more in our new white paper. It’s free — just click the link below.

NEW WHITE PAPER: The ROI of Social Media [Free Download]
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