Precious Moments Leverages Instant Win Contest to Generate 22K Leads over the Holidays: Customer Success Story

Learn how Precious Moments used instant win contests to generate leads and boost engagement on social media during the holiday season.

By Jane Vance ・4 min read
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In today’s world, so many things happen with a click of a button. A ride can be ordered. Groceries can be delivered. Money can be sent. We’re used to instant gratification in our everyday lives, so why not harness this trend in your next contest? Instant win contests allow you to do just this.With an instant win contest, folks are encouraged to submit an entry, after which they immediately learn if they won or not. This makes instant win contests great for lead generation. In their “Countdown to Christmas” contest, Precious Moments leveraged the power of instant win contests. In this customer success story, learn more about Precious Moments’s campaign objectives, how they set up the contest, and discover the stunning results.

Campaign Objectives

Christina Dittmer is a Senior Manager of Ecommerce and Direct Sales for Precious Moments. When asked about her objectives for the campaign, she said “the main goal was to grow leads and engage with our customers on all our social channels.” According to Dittmer, “people who engage with us on multiple channels are more likely to convert when it comes time to make their purchase.” Dittmer elaborated that, “It can be difficult at times to drive people to your website when they only engage with your brand on social media so by engaging them to become a lead it allows us to contact them outside of social media.”

Precious Moments promotes their campaign on their Instagram profile

Precious Moments promotes their campaign on their Instagram profile   In addition to generating leads, Dittmer stated that they also hoped their campaign would “increase our overall engagement on social media channels to help boost our organic visibility on Instagram and Facebook during the busiest time of year.”

The Solution: An Instant Win Contest

Precious Moments chose to run an instant win contest to grow their email marketing list and amplify engagement on their social media channels. They implemented this solution with the help of ShortStack’s Instant Win Contest template. Dittmer mentioned, “The ease and execution of the campaign helped make it a success.”

Precious Moments Instant Win Giveaway

Built with ShortStack's Instant Win Giveaway template. When the instant win feature is added to a campaign, winners are automatically generated over the specified entry period. No fancy coding needed—ShortStack takes care of that. All Precious Moments needed to do was determine the number of prizes to give away and the timeframe for the contest, add entry restrictions so people could only enter once per day, set up the winner and loser messages, add their branding, and promote the campaign. According to Dittmer, although setup was easy, she also appreciated the ShortStack team’s quickness in answering any questions she did have. She said, “Knowing I had the ability to have questions answered by staff helped boost my confidence that the campaign would reach our goals.”

Contest Details

The Precious Moments “Countdown to Christmas” contest ran from November 20 through November 22, 2019. During the contest, people could enter to win one of three Elf Christmas Countdown Shelf Sitters. The elves have numbered pockets on each of their legs, which can be stuffed with little treats and opened each day until Christmas. Throughout the 3-day entry period, entrants could return to the campaign and enter again every 24 hours. After each submission, entrants found out if they won that day’s elf.

Precious Moments kept participants coming back each day for a chance to win

Precious Moments kept participants coming back each day for a chance to win   Though the premise of the campaign was simple—people entered to win a prize—the use of an instant win contest was very smart. The instant win contest format keeps people returning to the contest day after day throughout the entry period because the results are exciting and immediate. This repeat engagement with Precious Moments keeps the brand top-of-mind during a busy shopping season. Plus, the option for people to share the contest increases brand awareness of Precious Moments among sharers’ own social networks.

The Results

Precious Moments received 22,049 entries to their instant win contest. Beyond entries, the campaign received 35,030 views, of which almost 75% (18,704) were unique views. Plus, the contest was shared 2,640 times via the share link on the campaign.

The campaign received 35,030 views, of which almost 75% (18,704) were unique views

In addition to the contest results, Dittmer said they were surprised about the overall amount of engagement and comments on individual social media posts during their holiday promotions. She said, “With all the changes to Facebook and Instagram, we have seen an overall drop in our engagement requiring us to sponsor more content. Having people organically engage with our content allows us to focus that budget on other marketing avenues.”

Instant Win Contests Lead to Instant Gratification

In a world where instant gratification for almost any service is just a click away, why make entrants wait to find out if they won your contest? Precious Moments used instant win to add email addresses to their list, gaining valuable leads for future remarketing purposes. With instant win contests, you can leverage people’s need for instant gratification with repeat entries to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

Immediately reveal win after entry

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About the author

By Jane Vance ・4 min read

Jane has over a decade of martech experience, with an emphasis in content marketing, UX, and customer success. Her combined skillset and years of hands-on experience make her a valuable player in the industry. In her free time, Jane loves quiet family dinners at home and a good book.

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