ShortStack Feature Updates - Easy Form Editing, Bulk Actions, and More!

ShortStack Engineers have made some exciting upgrades to their platform, including improved search, easier form editing, and bulk actions.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・1 min read
ShortStack Tips & Tricks

The ShortStack Engineers have been busy bees - cranking out some cool new platform upgrades we think you’ll love. Here’s a short list of our latest and sweetest ShortStack improvements:

Improved and Intuitive Search on Resources Page

If you have questions, the new ShortStack Resources Page has answers. Type a question or request into the search bar and watch as it magically curates a list of resources for you.


Edit Your Form Right in the Form Designer

Now, there’s no need to toggle back and forth from Campaign Builder to Form Designer when building your Campaign. Just click on the “Edit Form” icon and the Form Designer will open in a pop-up window right within the Campaign Builder. So easy!


Set up Bulk Actions with the Action Widgets

The Action Widget is great for setting up event-based actions, for example, triggering a pop-up based on a form submittal. Now you have the option of including multiple widgets in your if/then event, for example, trigger a pop-up based on the submittal of any form in your Campaign.


Hungry for more? If you want to read about all of our recent improvements, check out the changelog.

About the author

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・1 min read

Jessica Miller-McNatt has been with ShortStack for over a decade and has served in every role from Marketing Team Lead to Customer Success. Her journey in martech continues to fuel her fascination for what drives growth. Jessica's favorite weekends are spent in the North Georgia mountains, chasing waterfalls and exploring with her family.

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