ShortStack Feature Updates – Elegant New Templates, Autoresponder Stats, Improved Support, and More!

ShortStack Feature Updates

Around the ShortStack office, the madness that ensues during March has nothing to do with college basketball. Instead, we use the term “March madness” to describe the mind-blowing speed at which our developers are churning out platform upgrades!

Since you’re probably busy keeping an eye on your actual basketball picks this week, we won’t list out every single one of our recent updates. But below, we’ve listed a few that, in the category of “improved user experience,” score the biggest points.

New Template Everything

In our perfect world, every single user would be a ShortStack-using ninja. To help us realize this vision, we put “create bright, bold, beautiful templates that are easy to find and easy to use” was on the top of our feature update “to do” list. We can confidently say that we’ve achieved our goal: ShortStack users now have access to 38 gorgeous new templates, and we’re adding more all the time. 

But what’s the point of having shiny new templates if you can’t find that perfect one to suit your needs? The new and improved Template Gallery offers a preview of the template, a description, and live example to get you started off on the right foot. Lastly, each template has extensive template instructions that will display upon opening, as well as in the Campaign Builder’s toolbar throughout your building. 

Clicks in Autoresponders are Now Tracked

Data nerds, rejoice! Our auto-responder click-rate will give you a deeper understanding of your Campaign’s engagement. View this stat in your Campaign’s analytics along with the number of sent autoresponders and the open-rate. And give us just a second to brag: Since we unveiled our email autoresponder feature in December, ShortStack users have some a whopping 1.2 million autoresponders! And what’s more, the open rate on said autoresponders is a 46.9%. Now that’s prittttty good! (If you want to learn more about how you can enable this feature, and why you should, just go here.)

The Comment/Like Importer Now Has a Search Option

Have you ever run a simple giveaway or promotion right from a Facebook post? Our Comment/Like Importer is a super cool feature that allows you to import the Likes and/or Comments from a Timeline post into a database. Now, when importing, you can search up to 500 Facebook posts to import the Likes and/or Comments from.

New and Improved Chat Client for Customer Support

We’ve upgraded the chat client we use, which now allows you to search for help docs and videos right within the chat window, while simultaneously chatting with one of our super-star support agents.

If you can’t get enough of hearing about these feature updates, and need to get your fix in between posts, check out our Changelog.

ShortStack Feature Updates
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