ShortStack Feature Updates - Mobile Login, Chat Support, and More!

ShortStack has made improvements to its platform, including a new Mobile Login feature, expanded Pick Random Entries capabilities, and in-app chat support.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・1 min read
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Our developers have been busier than mosquitos at a nudist colony. Improvements to the ShortStack platform abound, but we won’t take up your whole day listing them out. Here’s a short list of changes we're all buzzing about:

"Mobile Login" is in Beta

Mobile Login is a simple, secure alternative to the Facebook Login option. Our goal with this feature is to increase security for contests and submissions and limit cheating and fraud by linking participation to individual devices. Mobile Login also makes it easier for anyone to complete forms and enter contests using a mobile phone or SMS/iMessage-enabled mobile device. This feature is currently in Beta. Read more.

Mobile Login

"Pick Random Entries" is Better Than Ever

Our Pick Random Entries feature has always allowed you to instantly select one or more (up to 200) entries at random with the added bonus of filtering and exporting options. Now, for those of you with large databases, or when you need to select a whole lot of entries, you can! The Pick Random Entries feature now allows you to select up to 1,000 entries and is optimized to do it faster than ever before.

pick random entries

ShortStack Now Offers In-App Chat Support

If there’s one thing we take very seriously at ShortStack, it’s offering excellent customer support. Our tiny army of support agents works tirelessly to respond to support requests and keep response times well below the industry average. Our agents are obsessed with keeping our users happy through our Help Desk, and we’re pushing the limits even further by expanding our support options to live chat. When resources allow it, you’ll see a little blue chat button in your Campaign Builder. Which means an agent might be responding to your question one-handed while eating a sandwich on their lunch break, but hey, whatever it takes to get your questions answered and get you on your way!

Live Chat

To read about all of ShortStack’s improvements, visit our Changelog.

About the author

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・1 min read

Jessica Miller-McNatt has been with ShortStack for over a decade and has served in every role from Marketing Team Lead to Customer Success. Her journey in martech continues to fuel her fascination for what drives growth. Jessica's favorite weekends are spent in the North Georgia mountains, chasing waterfalls and exploring with her family.

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