The ABCs of Landing Pages that Work [Infographic]

Change the Color of Field Labels in Custom Forms and Promotions

Landing pages are stand-alone web pages typically used to generate leads or motivate users to click through to another page.

A lead-generating landing page will typically ask the page’s visitor to fill out a form in exchange for access to a resource (such as an ebook or whitepaper), a webinar, a discount coupon, free trial, contest entry, etc.

A click-through landing page is used to motivate visitors to click through to another page where they can learn more about a product or company so they can make an informed decision before purchasing the company’s product or service.

Whatever the ultimate goal, the most effective landing pages feature clean design, a catchy headline, limited text and a clear call-to-action, as outlined in the infographic from Copyblogger, below.

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A is for Analytics

Bs is for Bounce rate

C is for Conversion

D is for Design

E is for Engagement

F is for Flow

G is for Goal

H is for Headline

I is for Imagery

J is for Justification

K is for KPIs

L is for Layout

M is for Mistakes

N is for Navigation

O is for Optimization

P is for Performance

Q is for Qualification

R is for Resistance

S is for SEO

T is for Traffic

U is for Understanding

V is for Visuals

W is for Writing

X is for X-ray

Y is for You

Z is for Zen

Want to know what all this alphabet soup really means? Keep reading!

abcs of landing pages that work

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Change the Color of Field Labels in Custom Forms and Promotions
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