The Buying Habits of Tech-Savvy Shoppers [Infographic]

Buying Habits of Tech-Savvy Shoppers

By this point, every business knows that social media plays an important role in marketing. But for businesses that sell tech-related products, including gadgets, it’s a clear path to customers.

Today’s infographic, from Posterscope, includes some eye-opening statistics:

• 61 percent of tech-savvy consumers engage with brands that use live social media feeds in their digital screen advertising (which is 188 percent more than a typical consumer).

• 38% of people who make purchases on social media consider themselves tech savvy.

• 73.2 percent of tech-savvy consumers say they regularly visit Facebook.

• 71.7 percent regularly visit Google.

• 70.6 percent regularly visit Amazon.

• 43.0 percent regularly visit Twitter.

• 41.0 percent regularly visit eBay.

• 32.3 percent regularly visit Apple/iTunes.

• 31.8 percent regularly visit Instagram.

• The number of tech-savvy people who say they have “written down a phone number/made a call” has dropped by 23 percent in the past four years.

• 72 percent of tech-savvy consumers are more likely to send a text (than to make a call).


Buying Habits of Tech-Savvy Shoppers
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