The Psychology of Color: How it Affects Buying Decisions [Infographic]

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If your 2014 plans include re-vamping your logo or your website, if you’re planning an office redesign, or if you own a products-based business, this infographic is for you! Did you know that a whopping 84.7 percent of people say that color is a primary reason they buy a product? Or that a stunning 52 percent of people don’t return to certain stores because they don’t like the store’s aesthetics? Orange, one of ShortStack’s signature colors, is associated with warmth, excitement and enthusiasm — adjectives that we think sum us up nicely!

Thanks to the good folks at WebFX for putting this chart together.  We were surprised to learn that green is used in stores to help shoppers relax. What’s the most interesting tidbit you see here?

20130408-TopRankTeam-Psychology of colors

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