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Whether you’re a Fortune 500 business with the resources to build campaigns from the ground up, or a small business looking for templates and drag-and-drop functions, ShortStack has the features you need.

All ShortStack campaigns are responsive and accessible from anywhere.

ShortStack Features

ShortStack works with the most popular platforms

Instagram Contests

Use the link in your bio to direct traffic to contests and galleries where you can collect leads.

Facebook Contests

Create Facebook apps – including contests and giveaways – to connect with followers.

Twitter Contests

Run hashtag contests and collect user-generated content.

YouTube Contests

Turn viewers into subscribers and quickly build valuable email lists.

Landing Page Contests

Build branded landing pages to collect leads and increase conversions.

Embedded Contests

When campaigns are embedded, they get twice as many views as Facebook-only campaigns.

Hashtag Contests

The easiest way to collect user-generated content, drive engagement and recruit brand ambassadors.

User-Generated Content

Collect UGC, obtain rights, and use UGC to influence purchasing decisions.

Robin Garrison, Manager, Social Media and Communications at Aramark

As a social media marketer, your tool is very helpful. It’s very flexible and it’s really easy for me – someone who is not a coder – to develop professional campaigns quickly.”

– Robin Garrison, Manager, Social Media and Communications at Aramark
Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Automatically send emails to people who submit a form for your contest or landing page. Then stay in touch by sending scheduled emails with personalized messages.

ShortStack’s email templates are easily customizable using our WYSIWYG text editor, or if you prefer, you can add your own HTML.

Collect UGC with hashtag contests

A hashtag contest is the simplest way to gather user-generated content (UGC), increase brand awareness, recruit brand ambassadors and reach a new audience.

Collect and Moderate
Nicholas Diego, Director of Marketing at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa

Last year’s Winter Raffle generated 5,664 entrants without using ShortStack. So far, in 8 hours, we are over 6,400. We are hoping to easily push 10,000 entrants. This would make it our most successful raffle by far.”

– Nicholas Diego, Director of Marketing at Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa
Embed directly to your website

Embed directly to your website

Embedded campaigns get an average of 83 percent more views and 31 percent more entries. More views and entries = more conversions.

Keep visitors more engaged: Display your campaign as a popup

Popup campaigns take up zero space and display instantly when anyone clicks the campaign’s text link, image or button.

Display your campaign as a popup
Instagram Analytics

Utilize performance analytics

The insights you’ll gain from diving into your ShortStack analytics dashboard will help you fine-tune your promotion efforts to better target specific groups of people.

Winslow J., Customer Service Lead, Whole Life Challenge

Best possible outcome! I am the Customer Service Lead at Whole Life Challenge, and the experience you delivered was exactly what I work to deliver to each and every one of our support requesters. Well done!”

– Winslow J., Customer Service Lead at Whole Life Challenge

ShortStack is Customizable

Ready-made templates and themes

Choose from 40+ professionally designed templates and 25+ themes to build campaigns in minutes. Or create your own campaigns from scratch.

Drag-and-drop functions

Organize ShortStack widgets within your campaigns so they look and function the way you want them to – instantly. No coding required.

Customize without CSS

Control every element of your contests, landing pages and forms, without CSS.

Custom URLs

Make your campaign look like an integral part of your website by giving it a custom domain or subdomain.

White label

Remove the ShortStack logo to make your campaigns all yours.

Visibility settings

Determine who can see your campaigns, and when.

ShortStack is Robust

Unlimited data collection and storage

ShortStack stores each campaign entry in an exportable database for you.

Detailed analytics

Our analytics reports show traffic, views, entries, shares and much more – in real time. All data is exportable.

Verified voting

Verify campaign entrants in order to curb contest fraud.

Entry and voting restrictions

Restrict repeat entries or votes.

ShortStack is Collaborative

One account for multiple clients

Manage multiple clients’ campaigns from a single ShortStack account.

ShortStack for Teams

Account administrators can add clients and coworkers and give them access to campaigns, data and analytics.

ShortStack is Engaging

Refer-a-friend incentives

Reward extra chances to win to people who share your contest.

Points-per-field incentives

Assign extra points to people who give you extra information.


Use Action-gating, a function that lets you ask users for information you need – for example, an email address, phone number or location – in exchange for access to your campaigns.

ShortStack works well with others

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