12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should be Using [Infographic]

12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should be Using

Facebook is kind of like the yellow pages were in the 19…..well, until Facebook came along! It’s a place where all businesses must have a presence. And even though we all get frustrated with it every now and again — another new algorithm?! — it can be a very useful marketing tool. If you need help getting your page set up, use this template guide.

Here are 12 secret Facebook features every marketer needs to know, and should be using.

Thanks to our friends at Post Planner for this one!

  1. Save articles with the “save” feature. This will help you curate content you can use for future posts.
  2. Leverage “interest lists” to stay organized. You can create Facebook lists by country/region/state/city or by industry (advertising, aerospace, consumer goods, etc.) or by medium (traditional journalism vs. citizen journalism) or by interest (business, competitors).
  3. Monitor your competitors’ top posts. You can see top posts from pages you watch within Facebook insights, which helps you monitor your competitors.
  4. Download your business’ Facebook history.
  5. Tag more personal profiles to get more Facebook interaction. You can notify people you’d like to see your post by clicking on “edit post” and then typing @ before the person’s name. Hit “done editing” and a notification is sent.
  6. Pin posts to the top of your timeline to increase visibility. If there’s a post you really want people to see, just “pin to top.”
  7. Find evangelists and weed out fakes within your fan list. Go to page settings, click on “People and other pages” and look for “People who like this page.”
  8. Mark all Facebook notifications as “read.”
  9. Use post attribution settings to keep your business and personal posting separate.
  10. Filter your page posts by type to save time.
  11. Manage notifications and emails so you keep your inbox clear.
  12. Keep tabs on ad relevance so you can ensure your ads are delivered to the right audience.


12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should be Using
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