5 Design Tools to Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story Visually [Infographic]

Help Tell Your Brand's Story Visually

Do you use content to engage with your customers? Are there some go-to tools that are indispensable for your creative efforts?

We can think of five popular ways we see brands telling their stories in visual ways:

Quizzes and surveys make it easy for your customers to identify which of your products or servics fit their needs.

• Infographics allow you to use data and images to tell your story.

User-generated content lets you feature your users images and words which in turn inspires their loyalty.

Videos and GIFs are a powerful way to increase engagement (just look at your own news feeds for some idea of how popular these kinds of media are!)

• Calculators allow you to demonstrate how much money your product or service will save your users.

If you’re looking for the right tools to help you create must-see visual content, check out Flying Point Digital‘s colorful infographic that features a round-up (we’re particularly fond of ShortStack).


Help Tell Your Brand's Story Visually
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