6 Campaigns to Grow Your Lists During the Holidays

Discover six inspiring online marketing campaigns created by ShortStack users for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Giving Tuesday.

By Jane Vance ・4 min read
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The holidays are approaching at lightning speed. Need ideas for reaching your target market during November? Below are six online marketing campaigns created by ShortStack users that are sure to inspire you for your next Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Giving Tuesday campaign.

Pacific Eye’s “Pacific Eye Gives Back” Challenge

Thanksgiving is a holiday that reminds us to share our good fortune with others, and the Pacific Eye Gives Back Challenge is a campaign that embodies the giving spirit. Pacific Eye is doling out $10,000 worth of donations to 10 different organizations. Participants vote for their favorite organizations, which determines the level of donation the organizations receive: first prize wins $5,000, second prize gets $2,250, third prize takes home $1,000 and all other organizations receive $250.

Pacific Eye’s “Pacific Eye Gives Back” Challenge

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Email marketing suggestion: Use a scheduled email to announce your winners. Include an opt-in field in the announcement email and ask folks to opt-in to your lists to receive future email marketing from your business.

Premio Foods’ “Check-Out Hunger” Campaign

Partnerships can be a powerful way to spread the word about your contest. The Premio Foods’ “Check-Out Hunger” campaign is a wonderful example. Premio Foods donates a meal to the Community FoodBank of New Jersey each time someone submits an entry to the contest. Besides the good feeling they get for helping Premio Foods donate a meal, entrants are also eligible to win a Premio Swag Pack, with one lucky winner snagging a Premio Swag Pack and a $500 AMEX gift card.

Premio Foods’ “Check-Out Hunger” Campaign

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Email marketing suggestion: After form submission, send an autoresponder with information on how someone can give directly to your non-profit partner and more information on where folks can buy your product.

Lauren’s Hope’s Thanksgiving Printables Download Campaign

It can be difficult to think of lead generation ideas for holidays like Thanksgiving. Try providing a resource in exchange for an email address in situations where a contest or quiz just doesn’t fit. Lauren’s Hope created a Thanksgiving printables campaign that fits their brand and grows their list with qualified leads. In exchange for an email address, Lauren’s Hope offers printable recipe cards, food flags, place cards and more. Such a smart way to tie their brand, a medical ID jewelry retailer, to Thanksgiving.

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Email marketing suggestion: Create a follow-up email that sends a few days after someone submits their information for the download. Include some additional information about your company, along with some featured products someone who downloaded your resource might be interested in.

JBC Tire’s Free Dinner Giveaway

Looking to show your fans that you appreciate them? Check out JBC Tire’s campaign! To show they are thankful for their customers, JBC Tire is giving away a free dinner. To enter, folks just choose the restaurant they want to win a dinner to. When the time comes to choose a winner, one lucky participant will be awarded a dinner to the restaurant they chose.

JBC Tire’s Free Dinner Giveaway

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Email marketing suggestion: After form submission, send an autoresponder with a thank you message and a coupon for a percentage off service at your business during December.

Global Knives’ Black Friday Deals Landing Page

Yes it’s November, but Christmas shopping is already on the minds of many. Check out what Global Knives set up for Black Friday. They have a simple landing page where folks can sign up to receive an exclusive invite to the Global Knives’ Black Friday sale. Offering an exclusive deal to folks on the list incentivizes Global Knives’ customers to submit their information. This not only grows the Global Knives’ list for their Black Friday promotion, but it gives them a list of leads to use all season long.

Global Knives’ Black Friday Deals Landing Page

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Email marketing suggestion: Use a scheduled email to send your Black Friday deals to all of your customers.

Sonny’s BBQ’s “The Spirit of BBQ” Giving Tuesday Contest

To me, Giving Tuesday is a great reminder to give back during the holiday season. Sonny’s BBQ created the “The Spirit of BBQ” campaign to give away $10,000 to five charities on Giving Tuesday. The cool part about this contest? Sonny’s BBQ’s fans nominate the charities they want Sonny’s BBQ to consider for donations. After the nomination period ends, Sonny’s BBQ chooses the top five entries. Folks will then vote for one of the top five entries to help Sonny’s BBQ choose the $10K winner.

Sonny’s BBQ’s “The Spirit of BBQ” Giving Tuesday Contest

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Email marketing suggestion: Send an email to announce the top entries when voting goes live. This encourages folks to revisit your campaign in order to place their vote for one of the finalists.

Do you need more ideas for your holiday campaigns? Our blog is full of them. Plus, we created The Essential Interactive Marketing Guide for the Holidays to help you plan your online interactive marketing for the end of the year.

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By Jane Vance ・4 min read

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