7 Campaign Design Principles You Can Learn from Star Wars [Infographic]

Design Principles You Can Learn From Star Wars

Today’s the day! That’s right, Star Wars The Force Awakens opens worldwide. (Lucky us: Our whole office is going to see the movie later today.)

In honor of the phenomenon that is Star Wars, it seemed appropriate to share this infographic from Venngage, an agency that specializes in data visualization. Venngage studied the Star Wars series and discovered some modern design principles that we could all learn from that galaxy far, far away.

In fact, graphic designers from any era can take the seven lessons from this infographic and apply them to their everyday creations, including the design of social media campaigns.

Each element contributes to a fun and engaging experience for your visitors that is sure to make your next Campaign a success.

Here’s a look at the seven campaign design principles you’ll learn about in today’s infographic.

Depth: Depth is achieved by creating a sense of spacing between the background, midground and foreground.

Contrast: Contrast is achieved by placing opposing visual elements side by side to create a dramatic mood.

Negative Space: Negative space creates drama and tension and provides a visual pause between elements.

Perspective: Perspective creates dynamic and visually interesting compositions, allowing certain objects to become more dominant depending on where placed.

Symmetry: Symmetry creates balance and highlights a focal object.

Directional: Directional cues assist and easy the eye’s navigation through visual elements and towards the focal point.

Repetition: Repetition emphasizes an idea through the use of repeated visual elements, creating strength and unity between objects.

Now, go forth and design like a jedi! And may the force be with you.

Star Wars: Design with the Force

Design Principles You Can Learn From Star Wars
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