Forge strong customer relationships and amplify your reach with social media contests

Your fans will love how easy it is to participate in contests on their favorite social media platforms; you’ll love having control over entry collection, moderation, curation and winner selection

Gather user-generated content (UGC) and captivate fans with Instagram hashtag contests

A hashtag contest is the simplest way to gather user-generated content (UGC), increase brand awareness and reach a new audience. ShortStack will collect all Instagram post images, video, text and usernames associated with any hashtags you specify. Then you moderate and display the content on your website or landing page, and use it in conjunction with our voting and sharing capabilities.

Discover how Cruise Lines International Associated collected 106K entries with their hashtag contest.

Effortlessly collect comments as entries

Gone are the days of manually recording all of your post comments. Use ShortStack to instantly pull in all of the comments on your Instagram or Facebook posts. Automatically remove duplicate comments or don’t – it’s up to you. For Facebook posts, you can also choose to include comment likes as votes and increase commenters’ chances of winning with the more votes they receive.

See how WED2B and Fast Park use comment to enter contests to connect with their audiences.

Get explicit and verifiable consent to protect your brand and your clients with rights management

UGC campaigns can deliver a wealth of photos, videos and product reviews from your customers and brand ambassadors. ShortStack’s rights management tool allows you to get permission to use that content. When you see content on Instagram you’d like permission to use, use ShortStack to leave the poster a comment requesting consent. When they reply “yes,” ShortStack detects the reply and notifies you that you’re free to use the content.

“I only recommend a product if I use and love it. And I use and love ShortStack. It’s made my life easier and has helped me create Facebook campaigns that look much better than anything I could have created (and have previously created) from scratch or another tool.”
Jon Loomer
Jon Loomer Digital

Get in on the action with TikTok contests

Fans of TikTok know how fun it is to create and share videos on the platform. Now, you can ask contest participants to submit a TikTok video via a ShortStack entry form. This allows you to collect UGC along with valuable lead information, like email addresses and names.

Use forms to collect submissions from Instagram

Hashtag and comment-to-enter contests aren’t the only options for Instagram. People can enter your user-generated content contest by uploading their Instagram photos via customizable forms. Increase the amount of data you collect from customers and entries by using ShortStack’s quizzes or refer-a-friend features, encouraging shares, and utilizing email marketing to grow your followers.

Share your contest on Facebook

When you build a contest, giveaway or other marketing campaign with ShortStack, you can publish it as a landing page and embed it on your website or blog. We provide you with a mobile-friendly URL to share anywhere on the web, even in a post on your Facebook Page.

Find out how AMD used Facebook to ramp up holiday marketing and collect 98,000+ leads.

View, filter and moderate submissions

All entries are collected in our Entries Manager for easy access and moderation. Prevent inappropriate content from showing in your voting contest or entry gallery by choosing to approve or not approve entries. You can bulk approve to save time or look at each entry individually.

Select randomly-generated winners

ShortStack makes choosing your winners easy. Just collect your entries, then generate a winner with the click of a button.

Set up your social media contests with our guides

Use ShortStack guides to get going on your social media contests.

Set up your social media contests with our guides 

Use ShortStack guides to get going on your social media contests. 

Show off user-generated content from Instagram or Twitter in a simple hashtag feed.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Invite-Only Giveaway

Create an exclusive offer to share with your most loyal customers.

*Template requires Agency Plan or above.

Hashtag Gallery

Collect valuable UGC by asking contest participants to submit a TikTok video to enter.


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