8 Digital Marketing Tactics to Get Your Salon or Spa off and Running

Imagine: It’s been six months since your sparkling new salon opened up. Your existing clients are consistently booking appointments, but new customers aren’t coming in like they once were. The novelty of your salon is starting to wear off. Locals are no longer talking about it in regular conversations while out at brunch or cocktail hours. You think to yourself, “I need to increase my client base, but how?”

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, it’s time to consider new digital marketing tactics. Read on to learn about marketing campaigns you can create with ShortStack that will help your salon or spa attract new customers and engage with existing clients. 

Gamification makes lead collection fun

Gamification is the process of adding a game-like element to marketing campaigns. Gamifying your marketing campaigns will increase engagement which will lead to increased sales of products and bookings. 

Companies worldwide have the stats to prove the power of gamification. For example, in 2019, Moosejawy, a clothing company, implemented a gamified system that increased sales by 76% and encouraged over 240,000 users on social media to interact on their pages. Starbucks and its beloved Rewards App have seen an increase in revenue of $2.65 billion and its loyal customers by 25% since it has been implemented. 

Below are five ideas for gamifying your lead collection campaigns.

Increase time on site with a puzzle 

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Puzzles are not only fun for your customers, they are also a great tool for increasing the amount of time they spend with your brand. Try using a puzzle for your next big announcement.

For example, promote a new product you are launching or supplying at your spa. Use an image of the product for your puzzle, and have customers beat the clock to win a coupon for the new product. Another idea is to use puzzles for continuous campaigns. Each month, change out the picture to reveal “this month’s featured spa tech” or learn about a service you provide. 

Using the puzzle template is an easy way to engage website visitors and increase their awareness of your products, services, or employees.

Give ‘em deals with spin the reels

It’s no secret that ShortStack’s office is located in Reno, NV. As you might guess, we certainly don’t have a shortage of slot machines in town. While we may have been influenced by the local scenery, this campaign idea is sure to win over customers. 

That’s probably why we love Spin the Reels instant win marketing campaigns where participants can win a discount or prize. One way you can use the campaign at your salon or spa is to display it after a client books their treatment so they can try their luck at winning an add-on treatment, such as a moisturizing lip treatment or hand massage. You can require customers to submit their names and emails so you can send them offers via email.

Additional ideas:

  • Spin for a special sample product from your beauty line. 
  • Spin for an instant discount, with all entrants being eligible to win a free haircut, massage, manicure, etc.

Pro Tip: Display a Spin the Reels campaign as an exit-intent pop-up on your website. ShortStack makes adding pop-ups easy. Learn more here.

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Collect more data with personality quizzes

Personality quizzes allow your clients to express themselves by picking from predetermined answers. Have fun with your personality quizzes with topics such as, “Which nail color should you apply at your next appointment?” or “Do you need to book a massage this week?” (The answer is always “Yes!”) 

Not only are quizzes engaging, but they help you collect valuable customer data. You might learn about their hair type or which treatments they haven’t tried before but would like to learn more about. Also, you can use the data to help you stock your business. Learn what type of snacks they prefer you offer in the spa or which brands of haircare products they love. 

Personality quizzes can also help guide your clients to the proper treatment or product needed. Such as, “Which hair product is right for your hair?” or “Which facial service does your skin need right now?” When someone sees their result, add links to book an appointment or buy products. 

Get customer input before they can enter a giveaway

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Looking to get a little bit of customer input on your business? Just ask, then offer a chance to win a prize in return. Find out which new spa package, service, or products your customers want to see next. Have customers vote on their favorite. In exchange, they get a chance to win a new service or product. Getting client input makes them feel heard, and you get valuable insights on what direction to take at your spa or salon. 

Award actions with points 

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Want to build your social media following or incentivize customers to watch promotional videos, visit your website, and more? Sounds like a points for actions campaign is right for you. Host a giveaway, and give entrants extra points toward winning for completing optional tasks.

You can get super specific with your actions. For example, ask consumers to “Read about our new facial” and the user gains 5 points by visiting a page on your website where you talk about the facial. Exposing products and services to your customers through points for actions campaigns increases the likelihood they’ll book an appointment or buy products. 

Pro Tip: ShortStack allows you to add a Refer-a-Friend feature to any campaign. Our Refer-a-Friend feature awards entrants additional points for every friend that fills out a form.

Points for actions campaigns are a great segue to social media campaigns that will be sure to increase your likes, follows, and shares on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Social media contests engage customers 

Are your social media pages lacking the oomph that is needed to attract some of the 2 billion+ monthly users on Instagram, 330 million users on Twitter, and 2.9 billion monthly users on Facebook? A social media contest might be the way to add that special pizzazz back in. Specifically, when considering Instagram, 44% of users shop weekly using the app, and 28% of those users are planning to use IG as a shopping source. Additionally, 1 in 2 IG users has discovered new brands while on the app. That means that users could discover your salon and purchase some beauty products without ever stepping foot into your establishment. Social media campaigns are vital to your salon’s or spa’s success. 

Learn more about two social media contents to promote your business: comment to enter contests and hashtag contests.

Comment to enter contests

Comment to enter contests are simple to run and enter. These contests reward your followers for their attention and give you a powerful tool for increasing engagement. Regardless of the prize, your users will have the chance to win just by commenting on your Instagram or Facebook post.

Not sure what to have people comment about? Something relevant to your business or what’s going on in the world will get them talking. Ask followers what their favorite spa treatment is, which artist’s music they play to help them relax or what their favorite morning drink is. 

As for logistics, try short-term contests, where people must comment within a few hours or a day in order to win. Small prizes and gift cards are just fine, especially if you’re running these contests often. 

Pro Tip: Further your reach by partnering up with complementary businesses. 

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Hashtag Contests

Are you looking for a way to showcase customers’ new ‘dos or the results of their chemical peels? It’s time to set up a hashtag contest! Hashtag campaigns are one of the most valuable resources for collecting user-generated content (UGC). You can run a contest for your clients to post their ‘after’ photos with branded hashtags. 

After the contest, display the entries you collected throughout your website. Showcase your entries in a gallery or display individual images that you wish to highlight. One area of your site could even be tailored to service images, for example, using #relaxingatmyspa and clients are showcasing their cozy, plush robes and fruit-flavored water while getting a pedicure.

For more tips on how to engage your followers on Instagram, view our blog here.

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Bonus: Client-only campaigns

Lastly, while it’s important to grow your client base, one of the easiest ways to make that possible is by treating your current clients so well that they recommend your salon to their friends, families, community members, and coworkers. 

Specifically, according to Yotpo, “60% of customers will tell their friends and family about a brand they are loyal to.” Imagine that 6 out of 10 of your loyal clients are each telling 2 to 5 of their friends about their experience with your business. That has the potential to reach 12 to 30 potential customers. Additionally, the research conducted by Fred Reichheld in 2000 is still holding true 22 years later: a 5% increase in retention leads to an increase of 25% in sales. In sum, making sure your loyal customers are taken care of will lead to an increase in sales. 

Secret Code Giveaways

You can honor your loyal customers by offering exclusive discounts. Disburse secret codes in the salon, send them through email, or display them on your website after a purchase. 

Once a client has their code, have them visit a landing page to enter the code in a form. From there, they can receive the discount code for future services/products or have exclusive access to a giveaway. While a lot of e-commerce sites will give new customers a discount on their first order or booking, being able to honor your loyal customers will increase their happiness with your service, products, and pricing.

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ShortStack has several first-class features that will increase your salon’s or spa’s popularity and enhance your marketing tactics. Learn more about other lead-generation solutions we have to offer: https://www.shortstack.com/lead-generation/

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