Last-Minute Christmas Giveaway Ideas

Looking for last-minute Christmas giveaway ideas to attract new customers? Check out ShortStack's newest templates for easy contest creation.

By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read
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Have you been looking for simple ways to stand out during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season so you can attract new customers? Are you worried that you've missed the boat for holiday contests and giveaways?Fear not!We've got some last-minute Christmas giveaway ideas for you here, and they're featuring ShortStack's newest templates, which means you can design and publish a Christmas contest of your own in minutes.Giving something away -- whether it's a prize or a discount coupon or a code for free shipping -- is a terrific way to attract people to your business and catch their attention during this super busy time of year.Whether you've never run a giveaway before, or have hosted many, contests and giveaways can motivate people to share their enthusiasm for your brand and inspire them to check in with you often to see what's new with you. There are many variations, but the following examples show off the most popular types of giveaways that'll allow you to collect the contact info you want.

1. Giveaway

Ask people to share their name and email address in order to be entered for a chance to win your prize. Here's an example of a simple giveaway which also asks (but doesn't require) for a Facebook follow. Use ShortStack's Marketing Automation features, like autoresponders (and scheduled emails), to send a confirmation email to everyone who enters. You can even include a discount or special offer in the autoresponder.

Simple holiday giveaway with Facebook follow

This was built with ShortStack's Giveaway + Facebook Follow template Create your own giveaway.

2. Personality Quiz Giveaway

Personality quizzes are among the most shared content on social media. But personality quizzes can be useful for marketers, too.Set up a quiz in which you ask people a series of questions about their preferences -- anything from "Where would you most like to vacation?" to "Which of these gifts would you most like to receive?" In exchange for the answer to the "What kind of _____ are you" quiz and the chance to win your prize, they share their email address. You can store all the info you collect in lists, which you can use later to leverage your marketing using scheduled emails.

Personality Quiz + Giveaway

This was built with ShortStack's Personality Quiz template Create your own Personality Quiz.

3. User-generated Content Contest

Collecting user-generated content to use for marketing is more important than ever. User-generated content influences purchasing decisions, and gives marketers creative content they can use to promote their products.To run a UGC contest, all you have to do is ask people to share a photo, video, recipe, review -- you decide which kind of content would be most useful for your business -- in exchange for a chance to win your prize. (And make sure you're obtaining rights to use any content you collect.)

Multi-Stage Photo Contest is a great way to collect user-generated content

This was built with ShortStack's Multi-Stage Photo Contest template Create your own Personality Quiz.

4. User-Generated Content Vote Contest

A UGC vote contest is similar to a straightforward UGC contest: You ask people to create content and share it with you in exchange for the chance to win your prize. The difference here is that the winner of the prize is chosen by votes.A vote contest can help your contest gain a little extra traction because people who enter will share the contest with their friends and family so they can collect more votes.

Holiday Recipe Contest

This was built with ShortStack's Recipe Contest template Create your own giveaway. There are four easy Christmas giveaways you can build and publish today -- with plenty of holiday season left.

If you want to see how other brands have used ShortStack to grow their business, check out these customer success stories:

Camp Chef used ShortStack to increase giveaway entries by 107%

Advanced Micro Devices used ShortStack to collect 98,000 leadsStar Fine Foods used ShortStack to increase website traffic by 288%

Zipcar UK used ShortStack to grow their email list by 717% By the way, it is possible to measure the results of your contests and other social media efforts.

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By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read

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