Weekly Campaign Idea: Buzzfeed-style Personality Quiz Campaign

Learn how to create a personality quiz for your fans as a fun and engaging marketing campaign for your business.

By Dana Kilroy ・2 min read
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Which city are you meant to live in? Which career is the right one for you? What celebrity best matches your personality?

If you've been keeping up with internet trends then you've surely seen personality quizzes floating around social networks.

They're fun, easy to enter and mindless entertainment.

However, is there a place for a legitimate personality quiz for businesses? We believe the answer is yes!

That's why this week's campaign idea is about creating a personality quiz for your fans.

Quizzes are an ideal way to get your fans involved with a marketing campaign without looking over promotional. They're easy to enter and everyone loves a good personality quiz. The key is to determine how you can fit a quiz into your brand.

Planning a Personality Quiz Campaign

1. Connect your customers to your brand: Before you build your personality quiz decide what question you want answered. For brands it's important to pick something that is relevant to your business. For example, a few years back Heinz ran a successful quiz where they were promoting their Five Beanz canned beans and they asked fans to participate by taking the "Which bean are you?" quiz. If you're a car dealer you can ask fans what car fits their personality, a hotel can quiz fans on what vacation fits their personality, etc.

2. Make a list of all possible answers: When you run a personality quiz your fans will answer questions and then be categorized based on their answers. Before you start building your campaign have a final list of all the categories and possible answers. To avoid making your campaign too complex we recommend limiting your results to three to five options.

3. Make your quiz user friendly: The easiest way to do this is to use a software that provides the ability to build a personality quiz, like ShortStack. ShortStack's personality quiz template allows you to easily build a quiz that lets you ask visitors a series of questions and automatically calculates scores and presents results.

4. Use Images: Images are a powerful marketing tool, so consider using an image to show choices.

5. Keep the answers simple: People like taking quizzes because they're easy to enter, so don't complicate your answers. Your question can be a bit more detailed but the answer options should be short and sweet.

6. Include share options: People LOVE sharing their personality quiz results (it's why we're constantly seeing them in our News Feeds). Be sure to include a variety of share options for your fans to share their answers with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus.

7. Collect data: No campaign is complete without a form that allows you to collect information from your fans. Since you'll be getting great engagement on your quiz, it's the perfect way to build your email list using a custom ShortStack form.

Templates to help you build a Personality Quiz Campaign

Personality Quiz Template

Example of a Personality Quiz Campaign

The Minnesota Lottery decided to do a fun interactive quiz where they helped fans determine which lottery game they should play.

The campaign is well branded and the quiz is easy to navigate with clear pictures and choices.

At the end of their quiz they give fans a chance to provide their name, email address and phone number for a chance to win one of three additional getaway prizes.

By helping fans determine which lottery game they should play they're encouraging fans to play the lottery and by offering an additional prize they're raising the incentive for fans to participate.

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By Dana Kilroy ・2 min read

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience delivering compelling content. Her work has appeared in national, award-winning publications and sites, including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Fast Company, Inc.

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