The 49 Best Hashtags for Retailers

This content discusses the impact of ecommerce on retail businesses and provides a list of popular hashtags for retailers to use.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・3 min read
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Remember shopping for school pants? You’d come out of the dressing room and your mom would give a little tug on your waist to check for snugness? It wasn’t that long ago that being in a retail business meant setting up shop, and putting actual products (not digital images of products) on display for shoppers to pick up, inspect, and even try on for mom. Until Amazon and Ebay kicked off in the mid-1990s, we didn’t know any other way of selling or shopping for stuff.For retailers, living in an ecommerce-free age had its advantages - namely, the competition. Previous to online shopping, you need only be better than your competitor down the street. On the flip side, it also meant that your potential for business was limited to foot traffic you could attract from that same, small geographic region.In the 21st century, retailers can still keep up their brick and mortar presence, but business has expanded to as far as you can ship your products. Customers can shop your digital store while waiting in line at the local post office, or across the globe sipping tea in Mumbai. Adversely, this means your competition is on a global scale. If you’re like most retailers, you work very hard to keep the attention of your audience through social media and other digital marketing mediums.

The colossal task of staying competitive amidst the competition can feel overwhelming. These hashtags can help!

Combine them with your social media strategy to get the most reach and stay fresh in your customer’s minds.Check out these 49 popular retail hashtags, but then keep reading for a creative way you can use your own branded hashtag to collect user generated content (i.e. marketing gold!) for your business and stay ahead of the local and global competition.

Hashtags for Retailers

  1. #sales
  2. #sale
  3. #retail
  4. #retailers
  5. #store
  6. #amazon
  7. #price
  8. #ecommerce
  9. #shopping
  10. #shop
  11. #onlineshopping
  12. #fashion
  13. #clothes
  14. #cart
  15. #shoppingday
  16. #etsy
  17. #sale
  18. #today
  19. #blackfriday
  20. #etsyshop
  21. #code
  22. #shopsmall
  23. #smallbusiness
  24. #deals
  25. #business
  26. #christmas
  27. #shoponline
  28. #cybermonday
  29. #discount
  30. #free
  31. #promo
  32. #freeshipping
  33. #promocode
  34. #love
  35. #epiconetsy
  36. #boutique
  37. #onlinestore
  38. #appstore
  39. #job
  40. #manager
  41. #price
  42. #bogo
  43. #service
  44. #customer
  45. #tomorrow
  46. #giveaway
  47. #girls
  48. #season
  49. #weekend

Collect UGC with your branded hashtag and use it in your marketing

User-generated Content (UGC) is content created by customers - not by professional marketers. Photos, videos and stories are all forms of UGC that brands can collect on platforms such as Instagram, which can then be reposted, or “regrammed” by a brand for marketing purposes.The practice of collecting UGC is gaining in popularity because it’s a powerful way to connect with your audience. When surveyed, 76% of individuals said they trusted content shared by people more than by brands, and 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from others.Here’s how you can get in on the UGC game: create a branded hashtag - AKA a unique hashtag that is specific to your brand. Then, ask your audience to post a picture featuring your products on Twitter or Instagram using that hashtag.Aerie asks their followers to post untouched swimsuit photos using #AerieREAL. As an incentive, they donate $1 to a relevant non-profit for every hashtagged post. If you scroll through Aerie’s feed, you’ll see dozens of real people wearing Aerie products and looking fabulous. is a reputable marketing best practice, but there are a few things you must know before diving in. For starters, you can’t use content that isn’t yours without getting the proper permission. To help you navigate the Rights Management waters that go hand in hand with using UGC, check out this handy guide.As a bonus, turn your UGC collection into a giveaway. Display hashtagged photos in a gallery on a landing page. You can even embed this gallery on your own website. Here’s a great example of hashtagged photos collected in an embedded gallery. It would be really simple to turn this gallery into a giveaway by enabling voting and allowing your audience to vote on the entries.

Ripleys Aquarium

As an extra bonus, use the following hashtags to promote your online contest or promotion.

Best Hashtags for Contests and Promotions

  1. #contest
  2. #[yourbrand]contest
  3. #contests
  4. #contestalert
  5. #contestentry
  6. #sweepstakes
  7. #[yourbrand]sweepstakes
  8. #giveaway
  9. #[yourbrandgiveaway]
  10. #giveaways
  11. #winitwednesday
  12. #competition
  13. #win
  14. #[yourbrand]win

Want more hashtags, more promotion ideas and more ways to increase engagement and sales? Check out the articles in our Best Hashtag series.

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By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・3 min read

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