The 49 Best Hashtags for TV, Radio, & Media Broadcasters

Discover the benefits of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy as a media broadcaster. Learn about popular hashtags and engagement techniques.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・2 min read
Best Practices
Social Media

As a media broadcaster, you’re already a master of communications. With an attentive audience at your fingertips, it may seem like putting effort into your social media presence is a waste of time. But I assure you, social media is a necessary component of your marketing strategy because it offers benefits that broadcasting does not.

The major benefit of social media is the engagement it fosters with its audience. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts can be interacted with, commented on, and reposted.

This is why many broadcasters use social media in conjunction with their other channels to reap the benefits that social media affords.There are plenty of creative ways to boost your broadcasted content online. You’ll notice radio shows, news stations and television are using branded hashtags to curate UGC (user-generated content) from their broadcast. But to keep your audience lively and fresh, you’ll need to also use popular hashtags to make sure your posts get found.If you need a little help knowing what those are, here are 49 of the best hashtags related to tv, radio and media.TV, Radio & Media Hashtags

  1. #tv
  2. #television
  3. #radio
  4. #media
  5. #webseries
  6. #streaming
  7. #youtube
  8. #podcast
  9. #poll
  10. #binge
  11. #broadcast
  12. #movies
  13. #life
  14. #news
  15. #host
  16. #production
  17. #series
  18. #nowplaying
  19. #listen
  20. #live
  21. #music
  22. #listennow
  23. #app
  24. #playing
  25. #radiostation
  26. #radioshow
  27. #podcastnetwork
  28. #game
  29. #gameshow
  30. #video
  31. #show
  32. #channel
  33. #team
  34. #film
  35. #videoseries
  36. #clip
  37. #launch
  38. #world
  39. #time
  40. #finale
  41. #day
  42. #episode
  43. #tvtime
  44. #night
  45. #socialmedia
  46. #post
  47. #sequel
  48. #musicvideo
  49. #playlist

Use a hashtag to let your fans and followers report on the action

A great way to let your audience get in on the action and participate in the content you broadcast is through the use of a branded hashtag. Create an easy-to-remember hashtag that your fans and followers can use with their posts. 9News in Colorado asks their viewers to use hashtag #9WX when they have a weather update, or even a traffic update such as a road closure. This allows the news station to keep more eyes on happenings around their coverage area by encouraging viewers to participate in news coverage.

9News Tweet

Take your viewer engagement to the next level by using your previously curated content in a monthly Vote to Enter giveaway. Select a few of the best images submitted to a gallery and ask participants to vote on their favorite. The vote will trigger the page to refresh and reveal an entry form - every voter can submit their details to enter to win a prize.

Vote to Enter Giveaway

View and Create Your Own If building a hashtag contest or giveaway sounds appealing, we have loads of templates to help you get started. Check out our Template Gallery.As an extra bonus, use the following hashtags to promote your online contest or promotion.

Best Hashtags for Contests and Promotions

  1. #contest
  2. #[yourbrand]contest
  3. #contests
  4. #contestalert
  5. #contestentry
  6. #sweepstakes
  7. #[yourbrand]sweepstakes
  8. #giveaway
  9. #[yourbrandgiveaway]
  10. #giveaways
  11. #winitwednesday
  12. #competition
  13. #win
  14. #[yourbrand]

Want more hashtags, more promotion ideas and more ways to increase engagement and sales? Check out the articles in our Best Hashtag series.

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By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・2 min read

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