The 51 Best Hashtags for Beauty and Personal Care

Discover the most popular beauty and personal care hashtags on Instagram to increase your brand's visibility and beat the competition.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・2 min read
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If there’s one industry the photo-forward platform of Instagram has completely turned on its head, it’s Beauty and Personal Care. There couldn’t be a more perfect environment for trend-setters, personal care evangelists and beauty divas, than a feed of photos, perfectly masqueraded in their appropriate filter. In fact 82% of women believe social media is the driver of new trends with Instagram being the main driver. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Instagram is like a glossy magazine curated from a universe of contributors.If you want more proof of its trendsetting power, search any of the basic beauty hashtags - #makeup, #nails, #hair, #skincare - and you’ll see that each have no less than 10 million posts. But its power is also its curse. The competition to get noticed on Instagram is as stiff as a prom-night up-do (thank you, Aquanet!). How can your brand beat out the beauty bloggers, makeup mavens, and heads of the hairstyle world with your grassroots posts? These hashtags can help!Here are 51 of the most popular hashtags. By using a mix of popular hashtags with branded hashtags, you can increase your discoverability - giving you an edge over the competition.Plus, keep reading for a clever way you can use hashtags to help you build your email list and further market to those engaging with your hashtag.

Beauty & Personal Care Hashtags

  1. #beauty
  2. #review
  3. #skincare
  4. #makeup
  5. #oil
  6. #face
  7. #product
  8. #love
  9. #time
  10. #personalcare
  11. #damage
  12. #cleansing
  13. #skincareroutine
  14. #skincareproducts
  15. #glossier
  16. #fashion
  17. #cosmetics
  18. #fragrance
  19. #hair
  20. #health
  21. #life
  22. #work
  23. #art
  24. #line
  25. #woman
  26. #live
  27. #makeuptutorial
  28. #girl
  29. #makeupartist
  30. #skin
  31. #color
  32. #brand
  33. #lipstick
  34. #model
  35. #spring
  36. #natural
  37. #beautyblogger
  38. #beautybasics
  39. #hairstyle
  40. #glam
  41. #brows
  42. #beautiful
  43. #selfie
  44. #haircolor
  45. #hairstyle
  46. #antiaging
  47. #organic
  48. #skincaretips
  49. #spa
  50. #selflove
  51. #wellness

Collect Entries with a Hashtag Plus a “Bonus Entry” in an Entry Form

Everyone loves the convenience of a hashtag contest. Automating entry collection with a hashtag is a great way to break down the barrier of asking for personal information when collecting entries into a contest or giveaway. Plus, entering has never been easier for the participant.However, the drawback of using a hashtag to collect entries is that the actual entry doesn’t contain a lot of information. You’ll collect the UGC - image, video, etc. - and the user’s handle. Apart from your brand’s exposure and some cool UGC, what do you get from it? How will you keep in contact with these participants and further cultivate them into customers of your business?

A way to get the best of both worlds - i.e. brand exposure and useful customer info to help you stay in contact - is to offer a bonus entry to participants by filling out an entry form on your campaign’s landing page.

Check out this example from FaceVibes. Participants are encouraged to post a selfie hashtagged with #facevibesmakeover. If they hashtag their selfie on Twitter or Instagram, the participant has a shot at winning a Hollywood makeover. But there’s more!...


To double their chances of winning, participants can click on a link to navigate to a landing page where they can submit an additional entry into an entry form. This way, FaceVibes can use the entry form submissions to build their email list, and reach out to these participants with further marketing, whether it be a coupon or news of another giveaway.

This hashtag contest is helping FaceVibes in so many ways. While boosting engagement, they’re also collecting UGC and building their email list. It’s a brilliant marketing move on their end, and all the while, their audience gets to participate and have a bit of fun - a win, win!As a bonus, when running a contest giveaway, or promotion, use these popular hashtags in conjunction with your branded hashtags to boost its discoverability.

Best Hashtags for Contests and Promotions

  1. #contest
  2. #[yourbrand]contest
  3. #contests
  4. #contestalert
  5. #contestentry
  6. #sweepstakes
  7. #[yourbrand]sweepstakes
  8. #giveaway
  9. #[yourbrandgiveaway]
  10. #giveaways
  11. #winitwednesday
  12. #competition
  13. #win
  14. #[yourbrand]win

Want more hashtags, more promotion ideas and more ways to increase engagement and sales? Check out the articles in our Best Hashtag series.

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By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・2 min read

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