The 65 Best Hashtags for Holiday Marketing

This content discusses the importance of a solid holiday marketing strategy and provides a list of popular holiday-related hashtags to use on social media. It also suggests running a hashtag contest combined with a discount code to increase customer conversion. The article includes a link to a template for creating a hashtag giveaway. Additionally, it mentions the benefits of collecting user-generated content and data through entry forms. The content concludes by providing a list of hashtags for contests and promotions and encourages readers to check out more articles in the Best Hashtag series. Finally, it offers a button to create a contest and emphasizes that it's free and doesn't require a credit card.

By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・3 min read
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The holidays can feel like you’re in one of those tubes you might see in a casino or on a game show, where money is being blown all around and you have to grab as much as you can. Without planning and a good marketing strategy, you may still see a bump in revenue, but it will be a frenzy to get your piece of a nearly Trillion dollar holiday sales pie.Frenzies are not efficient, just as the cash tornado tube isn’t meant to yield the maximum cash prize. So, instead of flying by the seat of your pants, make sure you get a headstart on the holiday marketing craze this year with a solid and well thought-out strategy.Social media should surely be a component to your plan - it’s a simple and effective way to get the word out about sales and promos during the holiday season. And this year, we’re here to help make sure your posts reach the most people. In this article is a list of carefully curated popular holiday-related hashtags.Use these hashtags to get the most out of your holiday social media marketing and get your piece of that sweet revenue pie. Then, keep reading for a clever hashtag giveaway idea that may help you convert even more customers.

Holiday Marketing Hashtags


Combine a hashtag campaign with a discount code

Running a hashtag contest (especially around the holidays) is a smart move because you’re sure to reap benefits a-plenty. User-generated content, engagement, and brand awareness are a few of the advantages that come with allowing your audience to interact with your business. One of the best ways to leverage these is with a photo contest in which the entries are collected by using a specific hashtag. But how about actual customer conversion? After all, UGC, engagement and brand awareness are great, but are only a few of the ingredients in a recipe to build relationships that lead to more purchases.To take your audience from following you on Instagram to becoming real paying customers, try this: a hashtag giveaway that offers an extra chance to win and a discount code reveal after a form entry. In this #homefortheholidays hashtag contest, participants are asked to post a photo of how their house is transformed into a home around the holiday season. From Instagram, they’re directed to this landing page where they can submit an entry form for another chance to win and receive a discount code.

Built with ShortStack's Reveal Hidden Discount template View and Create Your Own. The UGC collected from this contest will be great for future marketing. And the engagement and brand awareness will, of course, help boost the trustworthiness of your brand, but collecting data in an entry form can be seen as the most valuable of all. Building an email list is a vital component to long term customer cultivation because it allows you to stay in direct communication with your audience by sending them personalized, segmented emails on a regular basis. The discount code that is revealed is an added bonus of this campaign - incentivizing more immediate purchases.Contests and giveaways are great tools to use around the holiday time when customer engagement is naturally at its peak. Check out other campaign ideas in this gallery of templates.As a bonus, to promote your contest, giveaway or promotion, use some of these popular hashtags.

Best Hashtags for Contests and Promotions

1. #contest2. #[yourbrand]contest3. #contests4. #contestalert5. #contestentry6. #sweepstakes7. #[yourbrand]sweepstakes8. #giveaway9. #[yourbrandgiveaway]10. #giveaways11. #winitwednesday12. #competition13. #win14. #[yourbrand]winWant more hashtags, more promotion ideas and more ways to increase engagement and sales? Check out the articles in our Best Hashtag series.

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By Jessica Miller-McNatt ・3 min read

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