Campaign Examples: Multi-Tiered Giveaway

Learn about the benefits of multi-tiered giveaways, including increased fan interaction, higher quality entrants, and longer engagement.

By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read
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In the time of giveaways, brands are stepping outside of the box and thinking of new ways to integrate with their fans. One strategy we see brands turning towards is building giveaways that have multiple entry sections to them. We call these multi-tiered giveaways.

Why should you consider a multi-tiered giveaway?

• They provide more elements for your fans to interact with resulting in a higher value promotion

• They attract higher quality entrants

• They keep your fans engaged with your promotion longerYou can choose to build your giveaway so that the prize option gains in value the more sections the entrant completes, or you can set it up so that fans must complete each section in order to enter to win.

We recommend the first option; the more sections you complete the higher quality prize (or more prizes) you can enter to receive.To gain even more value from your promotion, we recommend spacing each section out over a specific entry period. This will keep your fans coming back to your promotion time and time again and will ideally make your promotion last longer.So how do you build a multi-tiered giveaway that will attract entrants and be successful? We’re going to tell you right now! Then we’ll take a look at Star Fine Foods who recently ran a super successful multi-tiered giveaway.

4 Things To Remember When Building a Multi-Tiered Giveaway

1. Keep each entry section simple: You’ve heard us say time and time again that the more barriers you have into your promotion the fewer entrants you’ll most likely receive. When running a multi-tiered giveaway you must be cautious of how much effort you’re asking from your fans for each entry section. Just like any other promotion, if you require your fans to make a video, write an essay or answer 20 questions about themselves, they will most likely lose interest quickly. Keep each entry period short and sweet and focused on the type of things people like to share like photos and stories.

2. Keep your campaign organized: The more complex your campaign becomes the more important design is. Multi-tiered giveaways require a lot of text to explain the entry process as well as multiple pages. Ideally each section of your giveaway will be featured on a different page of your Campaign. When Star Fine Foods was ready to execute their idea, they asked ShortStack to help them build it. They were able to work with ShortStack designers and our team to build a multi-tiered giveaway that met their needs, fit their brand and was user friendly. Even if you want to build your campaign on your own, ShortStack offers the flexibility to have sub tabs and custom coding so you can build your campaign exactly how you envision it.

3. Offer a prize at every level: Some fans will be excited by a promotion that requires a few different entry processes, however, some fans will prefer to complete one entry section and leave. It’s best to cater to each audience type and build your giveaway so that a prize is offered at each section. For example, Star Fine Foods had three entry sections; submitting a recipe, completing a quiz and submitting a photo. Fans were not obliged to enter every section, but the more sections they entered the more prizes they were entered to win.

4. Don’t let each prize be known: While it’s important to offer a multiple prizes in a tiered giveaway, you’re best bet is to keep some of the prizes a surprise. For example, if you are giving away five things, show the first prize and the third one. If the third one is of higher value, people will do better to get that prize. Then you can make the second prize a little lower in value.

5. Showcase your entrants: If you plan on collecting photos, recipes or something similar consider creating a Pinterest board of Facebook Album to showcase off your entries. This will drive more eyes to your entries and your competition. For Star Fine Foods, they asked their fans to upload their recipes and they were able to create a new board on Pinterest to display their best entries. The recipes continue to drive traffic to Star Fine Foods long after their promotion has ended.

6. Use separate databases: Depending on how specific you plan on getting with your follow-up marketing, you want to consider using separate databases for each section of your giveaway. Separate databases allow you to know exactly how many people entered which section, and make it easier to have a targeted follow-up strategy.

Example of a Multi-Tiered Giveaway

Star Fine Foods recently ran their “How Do You O-live?” giveaway where they asked their fans to submit recipes, photos and fill out a quiz. For each section that fans filled out they were eligible to receive more prizes. Uses ShortStack’s custom design services, Star Fine Foods worked with ShortStack’s designer to make their campaign idea come to life. Each section is hosted on it’s own sub tab that is accessible from the home page of the giveaway. Star Fine Foods hosted the promotion on their website as well as their Facebook page and drove traffic to it from their social networks and their in-store products. Here’s a look at each page of Star Fine Food’s campaign.

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By Dana Kilroy ・3 min read

Dana Sullivan Kilroy is a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience delivering compelling content. Her work has appeared in national, award-winning publications and sites, including: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Fast Company, Inc.

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