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  • Deadline-proof strategy and roadmap
  • Custom development
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  • Promotion plan and after-action review
  • Dedicated account manager

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How it works

10 years and working on 1,000+ campaigns has taught us a thing or two

  • Plan & Focus

    Plan & Focus

    On a call, you tell us what you have in mind and we suggest the type of campaign that’ll help you get the most out of your idea. We define budget, objectives, deliverables and timeline.

  • Work & Launch

    Design & Launch

    Based on your goals and objectives, timeline and customization requirements, we design your campaign. We build compelling forms, plan email automation and add necessary integrations. Plus, we handle platform-specific regulations and guidelines.

  • Analyze & Boost

    Analyze & Boost

    Every campaign we build is tested and optimized before launch. Then comes promotion. We recommend the best strategies for advertising, social media, content marketing and PR.

  • Evaluate & Optimize

    Evaluate & Optimize

    Once the campaign is live, we pour over its analytics and performance. We measure the data collected and provide you with actionable feedback. Then we implement necessary changes – in real time.

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Our flexible team acts fast and delivers on time.

IKEA “Share Your IKEA Kitchen Journey” UGC Campaign

The goal was to get IKEA customers to post photos showing off their dream kitchens.

Here’s what ShortStack did:

  • Built a professionally designed landing page that adhered to IKEA’s brand guidelines
  • Displayed posts from a gallery that aggregated entries from Twitter and Instagram
  • Increased discoverability of IKEA’s kitchen designs with social sharing features

PetValu “Calendar Casting Call” Photo Contest

For this annual contest, PetValu collects thousands of user-generated photos which they then use in a calendar.

Here’s what ShortStack did:

  • Built a custom photo editor to optimize participants’ entries
  • Developed unique entry restrictions to limit one entry per pet per owner
  • Modified our platform to accommodate higher resolution image entries
  • Integrated with Dropbox to automatically transfer entries to PetValu

Tootsie “Haunted Hunt” Giveaway

Tootsie’s instant-win campaign allowed participants to play once a day for 14 days.

Here’s what ShortStack did:

  • Developed instant-win functionality with custom designed spin-the-wheel animation
  • Set a limit on daily winners that were randomly chosen throughout a 24-hour schedule
  • Automatically notified winners through a triggered email

Choice Hotel “Hashtag Vote” Sweepstakes

To celebrate National Waffle Day, Choice Hotels asked customers to vote on their favorite waffle and have a chance to win a prize.

Here’s what ShortStack did:

  • Built a professionally designed contest that adhered to Choice Hotels’ brand guidelines
  • Set up vote adjustment features to accommodate additional voting sources
  • Displayed variable content on a schedule to reflect the contest’s promotional calendar
  • Embedded the campaign within Choice Hotels’ vanity domain