Recent ShortStack upgrades

Here’s a look at the latest platform upgrades that have been made to ShortStack. For more details on individual enhancements, check out our blog.

August 16, 2023

Improvements: The Action Widget Gets ‘Em

Now when configuring an Action Widget, the IFs and WHENs are now configured in separate sections – this should make it a bit more clear that they serve different purposes. We’ve also added in some actions that can apply to the entire campaign: Refresh, Redirect campaign, and Wait. Add an Action Widget to your campaign today and check it out!

July 24, 2023

More Voting/Action Widget Updates

The wording in the Voting Restrictions section of the Entry Display Widget was changed to help alleviate some confusion. We replaced only with add an interval and disable interval. In the Action Widget, to help folks avoid misconfiguring things during setup, we now provide warnings when we detect anti-patterns (a.k.a. bad practices). At the moment, only one anti-pattern is detected: Submitting a form and hiding it in the same Action Widget. This is a bad practice because it will hide any server-side messages (such as a failed reCaptcha or failing the entry restrictions).

July 3, 2023

Need to upload a list? Do it yourself!

We’ve added a do-it-yourself list import feature for folks on Enterprise plans. If you have access to this feature, you’ll see a new dialogue when clicking the Import List button in the Lists Manager. You can only import into a new list (so no adding to existing lists), but you can name and tag the new list when you are uploading your CSV file. Once you agree to the terms, the file will be processed and entries imported – you’ll receive an in-app notification when it’s finished (or if there was an error).

June 12, 2023

New Entry Filters? Yes, please.

A few new filters have been added to the Entries Manager. You can now filter entries by City, State/Province, and Zip/Postal Code – as long as that information was collected as part of the form where the entry was submitted.

June 7, 2023

Entries Manager Part II – Bulk Actions!

New bulk actions are now available in the Entries Manager! These changes will apply to all entries matching the current filter set in the Entries Manager. These new action items are available for you in the Actions drop-down menu in the top-right of the manager screen.

May 31, 2023

Entries Manager – Select All!

The way to select/deselect mass quantities of entries in the Entries Manager has been given a powerful little tweak. Now, instead of a Select/Unselect All button, we have a checkbox that you can use to toggle through selection states. Select some entries, and you’ll see it list the number of selected entries. Click the same checkbox once to deselect all currently selected entries. To select all currently showing entries, just click the checkbox again and it’ll update appropriately.