ShortStack Feature Updates – Hashtag Contests, Protection from Robots, and More!

ShortStack Feature Updates

We’re gearing up for a huge (or shall we say YUGE) holiday season and pushing platform upgrades faster than Santa can hurl toys at your house. Check out the latest changes to the ShortStack platform that’ll surely make you jolly:

ShortStack Can Hashtag!

Let our Design Services Team build you a hashtag contest in which posts on Instagram and Twitter are curated via hashtag and displayed in your Campaign. This feature (which at this time is available to people who use our Custom Design Services) allows you to either choose a winner with our Pick Random Entries feature, or enable voting on the entries to allow your audience to engage with your contest. Wanna see this cool new feature in action? Check it out!


Now you can use a  Captcha Field in your Form!

If the plot of Terminator ever comes to pass, rest easy knowing that none of those evil robots will be able to enter your contest. Easily add a Captcha field to your form from the Form Designer and verify that every form submittal is coming from an actual human and “not a robot.”


New Name Display Options in the Voting Widget

When displaying entries through the Voting Widget, you now have lots of options for how you’d like to display the entrant’s name. Choose from any combination of first name, last name and/or first or last initial.


Better Mode Visibility

Have you ever submitted a bunch of entries to your vote-only contest, only to realize your Campaign was set to Test Mode the whole time? Now, the mode of your Campaign will be represented in the Campaign Builder’s ruler to help you see if your campaign is in Test Mode or Live Entry Mode.


Want to stay up to speed on all of ShortStack’s feature updates? Read our changelog.

ShortStack Feature Updates
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