9 ShortStack Case Studies to Inspire Your Next Campaign

9 ShortStack Case Studies to Inspire Your Next Campaign

Looking for some inspiration to kickstart your marketing campaigns in 2021?

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Thousands of ShortStack customers are producing high-converting landing pages to deliver genuine business outcomes every day.

We’ve collated 9 of the best examples to invigorate those creative juices as you plan the year of marketing ahead.

Whether you’re running a video contest, sweepstakes, lead capture campaign, or simply need some ideas for your clients, there is something in this list to help you out.

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#1. A Giveaway With 97,000+ Entries – SunRype


SunRype Giveaway

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SunRype is a Canadian business that specializes in all-natural fruit bars and other snacks. To align with their mission of encouraging people to live healthier lifestyles, they launched a giveaway called “Fuel Your Family Fitness,” where entrants could win a home gym or one of ten fitness trackers.

The results were extremely positive from this campaign, with SunRype collecting 97,131 entries in just under two months! There were also other brand awareness benefits such as an increase in social media engagement, significant exposure to nearly 200,000 people, and over 90,000 autoresponder emails sent.

The secret sauce? SunRype used ShortStack’s points-for-actions feature to entice participants to upload user-generated content for extra points.

See the full case study here.

#2. One Million Views on a UGC Contest – Chubbies



Chubbies Contest

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Chubbies is a unique fashion brand making short-shorts cool with a cheeky brand personality and some funky designs to match. Chubbies wanted to find “real” guys to be the face of the brand and show off its products. To do so, they launched the “Chubbies Man Model Search.” In the words of product manager Devon Chulik, they believed that “Real guys come in dad bods, lanky bods, faux-hawks and grizzly beards,” and they wanted to find a “diverse group of models, in terms of body type, race, and sexual identity.”

Using ShortStack’s photo contest landing page, the man-model search had men from all walks of life submit photos and vote for the winner. There were an astounding 6,600 entrants with a whopping 334,000+ votes and over a million views of the campaign. They also collected over 37,000 new email addresses!

See the full case study here.

#3. Saving Time and Replicating Success with Templates – 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group


23 City Blocks Hospitality Giveaway

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23 City Blocks is a respected events and catering company with multiple brands in St. Louis. They were looking to generate widespread and repeated brand exposure with prospective customers in the lead up to the holidays and decided to run a multi-day giveaway.

The challenge? With multiple brands under the same company, they needed a way to design and replicate campaign landing pages. By using ShortStack’s multi-day giveaway template, they were able to launch each campaign without fuss and be confident that the design elements would be consistent.

The x-factor for these campaigns was to embed them on the brand’s websites, rather than host them on social media. It increased website traffic by 142% during the campaign.

See the full case study here.

#4. 24 Million Views on a Mother’s Day Giveaway – KCLD-104.7


KCLD-104.7 Giveaway

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KCLD-104.7 is a local radio station in St. Cloud, Minnesota – a city with a population of just 67,641 people. As a way to engage and interact with their listeners on multiple platforms, they ran a Mother’s Day photo contest with a day-spa prize.

The success of this campaign came back to its very personal nature. Daughters were emotionally motivated to share photos and express their love for their moms. In the end, there were over 20 million views and more than 200,000 entries to the contest, with the top photo receiving upward of 30,000 votes.

See the full case study here.

#5. 175,000 Leads from a Personality Quiz – Global Homegoods Brand


Personality Quiz Example

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Marketing quizzes are more than just fun and games, as one global homegoods brand found out when they launched a personality quiz that collected over 175,000 leads.

This brand, which asked to remain anonymous, designs and sells everything from beds to lighting and linens. They were looking to connect with students about to go to college who needed to furnish their new living space.

As well as a series of questions about decorating and lifestyle preferences, this quiz campaign collected valuable customer preferences, contact information, and provided tailored product recommendations using marketing automation to follow up.

See the full case study here.

#6. 5x More Entries Than Anticipated With a Points-for-Actions Contest – Brisbane City


Brisbane City Contest

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Brisbane City is an online resource showing off this Australian city’s events, restaurants, activities, and more. Its goal is to raise awareness for the city and encourage tourism.

They ran a giveaway that gave entrants 12 chances to win unique vacations in the city. To increase the chance of winning, a contestant could accrue points by following Brisbane City on Instagram and visiting their website – a great way to drive traffic and engagement. This was easy to do using ShortStack’s points-for-actions functionality and landing page templates.

Despite only expecting about 1,500 entries, this campaign collected 7,285 leads! Brisbane City also gained over 2,500 new Instagram followers.

See the full case study here.

#7. 180k+ Views and 50k+ Entries From an Instant Win Contest – Motherhood Maternity


Motherhood Maternity Contest

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Motherhood Maternity sells high-quality and functional maternity clothes. In an attempt to grow their email list and increase brand awareness, they launched the “Ultimate Hospital Bag Sweepstakes.”

Not only did participants have the chance to win a major prize valued at $550, but there were also daily instant-win prizes on offer – encouraging people to come back day-after-day to engage with the brand. They used ShortStack’s instant win algorithm to automatically award the prizes based on a set of conditions they determined before starting the giveaway.

This campaign converted 52,453 leads and the follow up emails had an impressive 82% open rate! It’s safe to say this campaign was a success for increasing brand awareness and memorability.

See the full case study here.

#8. Leveraging Strategic Partnerships to Get Over 38,000 Contest Entries – Valvoline


Valvoline Contest

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Valvoline is a world-leading manufacturer of motor oil, fuel additives and lubricants. With this campaign, they wanted to inspire and educate DIYers, while also increasing top-of-mind awareness for the brand.

Rather than going it alone, Valvoline partnered with a team of influencers and an auto parts retailer to giveaway the “Dream Garage.” If you can find the right partners, it can significantly increase the reach and ROI of a campaign – as can be seen in this example that attracted 38,407 entries.

See the full case study here.

#9. 2,000+ Weekly Entries to an Instagram Comment Contest – WED2B


WED2B Contest

Social media comment contests provide a quick and easy way for people to engage with your brand and increase its memorability. WED2B, a UK bridal retailer that offers affordable wedding dresses, used this concept to create recurring interest in its brand.

Every week, WED2B gives away a free wedding dress to someone that has commented on the giveaway promotion on Instagram or Facebook. They use ShortStack’s comment-to-enter contest technology to power the weekly giveaway and are producing 2,300 entries per week. This strategy has also helped grow their social media folllowing and brand awareness. Simple but highly effective!

See the full case study here.

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9 ShortStack Case Studies to Inspire Your Next Campaign
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