Build beautiful, branded landing pages that get more conversions

Funnel customers from a specific source – email, social media, digital ads – to a web page with a narrow focus.

Incentivize, gamify

Reward people who fill out your form with the chance to win a prize. Or create a personality quiz like “What kind of sports car are you?” or “Which 1990s rapper are you?” and collect an email address before revealing the answer.

“I was able to spin up a clean, mobile friendly landing page in less than a few hours. The UI is simple, easy to use, and robust. I’ll be sure to recommend your solution to other marketers.”

Michael Keating, MODRN MAN

Mike Keating, MODRN MAN

Ability to use a custom domain

Use custom domains for white-labeled campaigns

Custom domains allow you to use your own branded URL for your campaigns. Beyond increasing brand awareness and providing a white-label experience, they improve the SEO of your campaign and give participants an additional level of trust when visiting your campaign.

Ability to use a custom domain

Use action-gating to collect the data you need

Landing pages exist to capture visitors’ contact information. Using ShortStack’s action-gating feature, you can easily collect the data you need by having people fill out your form. In exchange for their information, they’re given access to your offer – entry to a giveaway, an ebook, a discount code, etc.

Complete design control

Create uncluttered landing pages with clear calls-to-action. Capture your visitors’ attention, and their contact information, using ShortStack’s sleek templates and simple, mobile-responsive forms. ShortStack’s customizable templates let you bypass developer and designer hurdles.

Creating a landing page contest is easy with our templates

We offer tons of landing page contest templates to make setup a breeze. Check out just a few of our options below:

Attract new customers, boost brand awareness, and increase engagement.

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Discover which products and services your customers are most interested in.

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Pick Your Prize

Increase audience engagement and collect user-generated content (UGC) with an easy-to-share contest.

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Photo Upload Contest (#2)

Use an engaging, entertaining quiz to learn more about your audience’s interests.

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*Template requires a paid plan.

Personality Quiz

Offer exclusive discount and collect email addresses.

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Reveal Hidden Discount

Use a trivia quiz to engage or educate your customers while generating leads. Have visitors answer a series of questions, collect their email address and reveal their score.

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*Template requires a paid plan.

Knowledge Quiz Giveaway

Grab some of your customers’ attention while they’re following their favorite teams and events.

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Guess the Score

Add a sense of urgency to giveaways by setting a maximum number of entries.

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Limited-Entry Giveaway

Customer Success Story

Learn how Iowa Realty collected over 59,000 leads with a smart landing page contest.