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Send automated emails instantly when someone fills out your form, or schedule emails to send on a later date.
Send to your entire list or to certain segments.

Engage leads using scheduled emails

Engage leads using scheduled emails

Don’t let the leads you generated via your ShortStack forms go to waste. Use those email addresses you collected and send emails to promote your brand after your campaign is over. Schedule emails to declare a winner, advertise new product releases/upcoming events, distribute special deals, announce that voting has opened for a contest, circulate details for an upcoming campaign, etc.

Filter recipients for maximum impact

Filtering email recipients helps ensure the right people are seeing your message. Refine your list so only entrants whose entries have been approved, include an image or were received within a specific date range will receive your email.

Set up emails in minutes with templates

Set up emails in minutes with templates

Short on time? Email templates allow you to create emails in minutes. There are dozens of templates to choose from, including a Discount Code template, a Reminder to Vote template, an Entry Confirmation template, a Save the Date template and a Feedback Request template. All ShortStack email templates were built using best practices for the type of email you choose to send.

Streamline your email marketing process

There’s no need to integrate with a separate email marketing platform! ShortStack allows you to both collect entries and send emails all in one place.

Grow your list with engaged and excited followers
Marketing Automation Follow-up

Effortlessly engage your new subscribers

Develop a sequence of emails triggered to send automatically, a specific number of days after someone subscribes to your mailing list. These Follow-up Emails help you keep in touch with your customers on regular basis, without lifting a finger.

Update content – even when you’re away from your desk

Set up your campaign in advance, then use ShortStack’s Visibility Settings to start or stop showing content at specific times. This allows you to run campaigns without having to manually adjust the settings – especially useful when you are away from the office.

Martetking Automation Visibility Settings
Trigger actions with a click

Trigger actions with a click

With the Action Widget, you can set up triggers that cause actions and “events” to take place. For example, you can set a Thank You message to automatically display after form submission. This allows you to control the user’s experience with the campaign, as well as how and when information is displayed. Use popups on your website’s most-visited page or blog posts; campaigns instantly display when anyone clicks the campaign’s text link, image or button.

Streamline communications using our integration tools

Use our built-in form integrations to instantly send entry information to the platforms you use for customer relationship management or email marketing. Plus, use our webhooks and a third-party integration platform (such as Zapier) to integrate with your email marketing software, appointment scheduler, customer management software, etc.

Grow your list with engaged and excited followers
Stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act

Stay compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act

ShortStack allows you to rest easy by taking care of the CAN-SPAM act details for you. Just choose the business profile you want to apply to the email, and we’ll do the rest.

Meet GDPR requirements and build quality lists with double opt-in

Double opt-in adds an additional confirmation step to the signup process: entrants must confirm they want to receive emails from you. Double opt-in also ensures you’re compliant with new laws, including the GDPR in the European Union.

GDPR Compliance

Connect with customers instantly

Use autoresponders to send a confirmation email automatically to everyone who enters your contest or fills out your form. Autoresponders have sky-high open rates, so use the opportunity to send a personalized message or special offer.

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