Bypass web-development hurdles and enhance your website with embedded campaigns

Display contests, sign-up forms, quizzes, games and more directly on your website or in a pop-up – no sweat

Embed how you want

Present embedded content in a pop-up or in-line with the rest of your website content. You choose the method that’s best for your goals.

Learn how 23 City Blocks used an embedded campaign to drive website traffic and gather leads

Embed anywhere

Website: Embed your campaigns to any website with HTML access.

WordPress: Show pop-ups encouraging email list sign-ups, display special offers and host contests.

Squarespace: Add galleries, special offers, and landing pages to your site.

Shopify: Promote products, run contests and offer coupons right from your ecommerce platform.

With our data collecting tools, you can filter your entries and export them for use outside of ShortStack. Use our random entry selector to choose a winner based on the criteria you indicate.

Display content in a pop-up

Pop-up campaigns are attention-grabbing and simple to implement on any webpage. You can:

  • Show a pop-up when the visitor makes a move to exit your website (Exit intent pop-up);
  • Display a pop-up when someone has been on your website for a specific amount of time (Timed pop-up);
  • Engage visitors with a pop-up when they become idle (Idle pop-up);
  • Present a pop-up when someone scrolls a certain distance (Scroll position pop-up); and
  • Use a link, image or button to show a pop-up when clicked (Triggered pop-up).

Copy and paste to embed

To embed a campaign, simply copy the ShortStack-provided code into any webpage that accepts HTML for an iFrame, including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Increase exposure and access to your campaigns

Embedding is a simple step you can take to give your contests, giveaways and other campaigns maximum exposure. By embedding you’re able to use all of your marketing channels — including your website, blog and e-commerce platform — and aren’t limited to social networks’ followers, or regulations.

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