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Learn how visitors interact with your campaigns

Fresh metrics, in real time

Discover real-time spikes in traffic, learn which of your campaigns generate views, entries and shares, understand where most of your traffic comes from and much, much more.


Views and Unique Views

Compare the number of views your campaigns received today vs. yesterday, or this week vs. last. Set the time span you want to measure and see what’s happening, in real time.


Traffic Sources

Campaign traffic comes from a variety of sources: search engines, websites, social media platforms and email. Find out where your visitors are coming from to help you determine promotion tactics, including the best places to advertise.


Do campaign entries spike at 7:00 a.m. and then again at 6:00 p.m.? Adjust your promotion tactics – including social media posts – based on trends you see.


Learn which social media platforms your visitors use. See how many times visitors shared your campaign via our share icons, as well as which platform they shared to.

Device Type

Campaigns look different on desktops than they do on smartphones and tablets. Knowing where your customers are coming from will help you fine-tune the design of your campaigns.


See which parts of your campaign are getting the most attention with click tracking. Click tracking can help you learn what is important to your visitors, so you can make these elements “front and center” on future campaigns.

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