Instagram Contests

Use an Instagram contest to collect and display user-generated content (UGC) and to increase your brand’s exposure.

ShortStack and Instagram
Instagram Collect

Use forms to collect submissions

People can enter your user-generated content contest by uploading their Instagram photos via customizable forms. Increase your data collection and entries by using ShortStack’s Refer-a-Friend, encouraging shares, and by utilizing marketing automation to grow your followers.

Utilize branded hashtags

People can enter your contest without ever leaving Instagram. Every post will spread your unique hashtag, increasing your brand’s exposure.

Utilize branded hashtags
Jared Poppert Social Media at Legendary Whitetails

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– Jared Poppert Social Media at Legendary Whitetails

Moderate entries, curate your gallery

Manually approve submissions, or set up your contest so submissions display automatically. Then display your curated gallery to show off your users’ images and videos.

Instagram Gallery
Instagram Analytics

Keep track of your campaign’s performance

Use ShortStack’s analytics reports to discover real-time spikes in traffic, learn which kinds of campaigns generate views, entries and shares, where most of your traffic comes from, and much more.

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