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Use your domain instead of ours

Increase visitors’ confidence, get more engagement and improve SEO by customizing your domain

Brand your landing pages down to the last detail

Your customers trust your brand. Instead of using a ShortStack domain, use one they already know.

For example, imagine your website address is www.buzzedcoffee.com and you want to run a contest. When you use a ShortStack domain, the URL for your giveaway would be something like: https://m.shortstack.page/T6qZsd

If you use a custom domain instead, then it could be: https://www.buzzedcoffee.com/giveaway

Reap the benefits of using your own domain

Publishing to a custom domain increases the discoverability of your contest and improves your SEO. When customers search for your contest, they’re more likely to find it if your contest’s domain matches that of your brand. Plus, running more contests on your domain also improves the SEO of your website.

Use one of our domains

If you prefer, you can publish with the shortstack.com domain. Our Agency Plan and higher gives you access to four additional domains:

  • lndg.page
  • shortstack.page

Implement your own custom domain

Setting up a custom domain for your ShortStack campaign requires a few steps. To use a custom domain:

  1. Create an A record in your DNS for your domain or subdomain that points to our server, which is covered in our Custom Domains, Subdomains, and Subfolders for Campaigns help documentation.

  2. Follow the Publishing Your Campaign Using a Custom Domain instructions when publishing your landing page.


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