3 Ways to Run a Holiday Advent Calendar Campaign

Run a Holiday Advent Calendar

Our Holiday Advent Calendar is one of our most popular holiday templates, and we love seeing how our users create awesome Campaigns with it every year. But it doesn’t have to just be used for December holidays. Here are three ways to use this template to generate leads and engagement during the holiday season and beyond. And be sure to check out our working example in this post!

Display tips, tricks, or trivia.

Because this is an automated, dynamic Campaign, each day unlocks automatically, which makes it perfect for displaying informative and fun content. You don’t have to give away a bunch of big prizes to get users excited about what will show each day; give them the opportunity to solve a riddle or learn an interesting fact applicable to your brand.

Offer a daily discount.

People will want to return to your Campaign every day to see what discount or deal they can get. Diversify your discounts by featuring a different discounted service or product each day. You can feature a downloadable coupon using the Links Widget, or simply display a code to use when they check out. Your discounts don’t have to be major; even small deals are enough of a reason for someone to give you their email address.

Provide fun and free downloadables.

Like a discount, a free downloadable is part of the “give a little, get a little” philosophy, since participants will give you a piece of data (like an email) in exchange for what you’re offering. Free seasonable downloadables, such as a desktop calendar, an ebook, or a printable bookmark, are a great way for people to get branded content from you that they will want to share with their friends. It’s easy to create in-house, and it doesn’t cost anything to provide for free.

Run a Holiday Advent Calendar
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