5 Online Marketing Campaigns to Get Your Podcast Heard

Online Marketing Campaigns to Get Your Podcast Heard

Everyone seems to have a favorite podcast nowadays. From political analysis to sports commentary, comedy shows to investigative reporting, there’s something out there for everyone. This also means there’s a lot of competition out there for podcasters. What can you do to make sure your voice is heard? We have five attention-grabbing online marketing ideas for podcasters.

WBRC FOX6’s “Behind the Front” Podcast Landing Page

Some podcasters use their shows to provide additional insight into a topic. WBRC FOX6’s podcast “Behind the Front” is a great example. The podcast features their First Alert Chief Meteorologist, J-P Dice, and covers a wide range of weather-related topics. They list their entire podcast library on their campaign which is embedded on their website. This gives folks who might not be regular podcast listeners an easy way to access the material.

IDEA: Include short episode descriptions, host and guest bios, and a newsletter sign-up form to allow fans to “get to know” the show.

Harper Audio Presents’ “Kristen Meinzer Podcast Coaching Session” Contest

We all know that giveaways work well to incentivize new mailing list subscribers. The Harper Audio Presents podcast created a clever giveaway targeted to aspiring podcasters. To enter, folks submitted their podcast idea, their perceived audience and the reason for starting the podcast. The winner receives a coaching session from podcast guru Kristen Meinzer, and the coaching session will be featured on the Harper Audio Presents podcast.

EMAIL MARKETING IDEA: Did you receive permission from entrants to send online marketing from you and your advertisers? Use the email addresses you collect to send special offer discounts from your advertisers.

The A-Ha Moment Podcast’s Mailing List Sign-up

Do you have an avid group of listeners? Ask them for their email addresses like The A-Ha Moment Podcast. With their campaign, The A-Ha Moment Podcast promises to send newsletter subscribers actionable techniques to help them reach their goals. Engaging with your fans by sending valuable email content helps your podcast stay in your listeners’ rotations and gives you another channel to communicate with your audience.

EMAIL MARKETING TIP: Share episode extras via email that aren’t available elsewhere. This incentivizes fans to sign up for your list.

New Idea Ghost Files’ “Little Girl Lost” Episode

You know the KISS principle, right? If not, it means Keep It Simple, Stupid. In other words, don’t make something simple complicated. That’s exactly the principle followed by the New Idea Ghost Files podcast. They create campaigns that feature their latest show and nothing else. This makes it SIMPLE for people to find their podcast and subscribe.

IDEA: Add a link to your podcast’s library. This gives folks who liked the episode on your landing page the ability to find more content.

Access to Media’s Podcast Marketing Landing Page

Are you in the business of hooking up advertisers with podcasts that cater to their target market? Try creating a landing page like Access to Media did. Access to Media’s landing page features some of the popular podcasts where advertisers promotions could live, and gives folks a chance to learn more with a simple sign-up form.

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Online Marketing Campaigns to Get Your Podcast Heard
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